Bobby Ryan Rumors Flying

Posted: 09/08/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

No sooner did Larry Brooks tweet Bobby Ryan had signed a 5 year $27.5 million contract did he tweet whoops my bad. Well not exactly…

Larry Brooks initially tweeted, “Source: Bobby Ryan has reached agreement with Ducks for contract believed 5 yrs for approximately $5.5M per.” One hour later, Brooksie tweeted, “Don Meehan, Ryan’s agent, rebuts/contradicts our source on Ryan deal, says nothing is done.”

Hey Brooksie, a reporter is only as good as his sources. But that’s a story for another day.

Meanwhile back here in Southern California, Eric Stephens of the OC Register has the real story.

As I’ve posted before on other blogs, the issue isn’t money or term for Ryan. The issue is respect. For whatever the reasons, Bobby Ryan hasn’t been made to feel a part of what Bob Murray called, ‘The young core going forward.”

Bobby Ryan is the odd Duck. He doesn’t have a position on a line. He’s moved all over the place. Toward the end of last season Ryan Getzlaf was telling reporters that maybe Bobby Ryan wasn’t the right fit with he and Corey Perry.

How the Ducks have brought Bobby Ryan along and continue to treat him is not exactly the customary path of the team’s highest draft pick, the team’s top scorer and tenth top goal scorer in the NHL.

Ryan was also second on the team in power play goals with 11 to Teemu Selanne’s 14. Ryan did it playing mostly on the 2nd power play unit.

Right now, just hours before the next meeting, I get the sense that Bobby Ryan is sticking to his guns about wanting a 3 year contract.

If the Ducks want Bobby Ryan for a longer term, it will take more than money.

  1. czhokej says:

    Hi backcheck. Finally I found your blog. It’s not too much fun on OC Register blog anymore without you. I was tempted to make references to your new website or quote you there, but of course I would need your permission.
    Some people there expressed an opinion that Getz was underpaid. I was also sensing some tension between BR and RG.
    My comment there was:
    “I am not quite sure whether Getzy is underpaid. His salary is 45th among NHL forwards. His goal-scoring is below par (his 19 goals would put him at 111th place in the league, 15th in assists, 33th in points). Defensively, he his quite weak.
    However, I would be afraid of enmity and resentment between the players if Bobby R. gets more money than the Twins.”
    I agree with your view – it is about respect, and now it looks that Bobby is OK with his status as a Duck.

  2. BackCheck says:

    hey cz…oh wow thanks for dropping in. You’re the first. Pardon the dust. I’m learning as I go.

    I read your post on OCR. Just like you I was fixed on the enmity or resentment a bit.

    Birdies much closer than me are chirping about a real competition developing between Getz and Ryan. This could be a good thing, no?

    Imagine, Getzlaf and Ryan on different 5 man units competing for top line honors. In the immortal words of John Ahlers, ‘Lookout cookout.”

    BTW, ‘cz’ your junk for a private email.

    • czhokej says:

      Rivalry between BR and RG? I do not know, it may be positive, if it is just friendly competition, it could be unhealthy if it goes too far. When I watched BR with the Twins, it was not clicking too often.

      • BackCheck says:

        lol, you are spot on. It could be “unhealthy” if it goes too far. But it’s the kind of thing vets like Murray, Carlyle & Foligno have seen before and might know how to manage to everyone’s benefit.

        Plus Barstool Bob has said he likes competition from within.

        Belesky alongside the Twins, Bobby with the Finns and Chipper or Marchant with Blake & Sexton or Bodie? Lupul makes it back and contributes?

        Carlyle might stumble into icing a 3rd scoring line 😉

  3. tearingitup says:

    Tried to get logged on a few days ago… glad to keep up with your wisdom

  4. BackCheck says:

    – hey tearingitup

    Thanks for your kind words and for pardoning the dust.

    Tonight I’m diving deeper into the software tutorial and hopefully learn a how to post a link. Need to find some some better avatars than these Rorschach test blotches as well.

    Will have some new Ducks stuff up tomorrow. Hopefully we get some news on Bobby Ryan.

  5. bbdux93 says:

    Thanks to the Hockey Gods, Backcheck and last but not least, cz, I can read and enjoy good postings again.

    I would rather see Bobby on a line other than with the twins. I think that would give him more opportunity to show what he can – or can not do.

    One thing that troubled me all last season was the way he looked on the bench if his last shift had not gone well. He has to find a way to get past that or al least not show it to all of the viewing audience – which likely includes people on staff for the opposing team.

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