Former Duck Richard Park to Geneva

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Canadian Press is reporting via that former Duck and local SCAHA player Richard Park has signed a three year contract to play for Geneva-Servette in Switzerland.

I had the honor of spending some hours on the ice with Richard when has was just a pup in Jack White’s Hockey Basics program. He was a great kid from a wonderful family when I knew him.

His Dad told me the family developed an interest in hockey by watching Kings games on tv. As a Canadian, oddly enough I could relate. I was just 4 years old when I walked in on my family huddled around the 19 ” black and white in my parents bedroom and cheering the Leafs.

Yes, I was once a Hogtown Homer. Purely, a youthful indiscretion 😉

Born in Seoul, Korea, Richard Park played in 722 NHL games over 16 seasons, mostly as a depth forward.

Frankly, Park’s accomplishment is incredible. Always the star player until he arrived in the NHL, Park had to learn a new way to play if he was going to make it.

Richard Park became a complete hockey player. An energy/checking line player who could move up into the top six when needed. Park even learned how to PK.

Learning you are no longer the star is a humbling reality that has ended the professional playing careers of many a good man. Not Richard Park. In Pittsburgh where his NHL career began, through Anaheim, Philadelphia, Minnesota, Vancouver and the Islanders, Park became the responsible, accountable player every team needs.

For 16 seasons on six teams Richard Park proved himself one step ahead of hundreds of can’t miss kids looking to take his job.

From the AP report,

Coach Chris McSorley says the 34-year-old winger chose Geneva-Servette over NHL and European teams.

McSorley tells The Associated Press he spoke with the Islanders’ Swiss defenseman Mark Streit about Park before making him the top offseason acquisition.

I don’t know what Mark Streit told Chris McSorely. Phrases like great wheels, smart player,  team guy, workhorse and genuine sportsman are all appropriate.

Richard Park is not a Hall of Fame hockey player, except in the hearts of hundreds of SCAHA kids and coaches who had the privilege of stepping out onto the ice with him.

  1. czhokej says:

    Swiss hockey is getting better lately. And it is a wonderful country to live in, especially in Geneva. Servette has 3 Canadian players and 3 Americans, one Finn on the roster.

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