Devils sanctioned…

Posted: 09/14/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

As bad as it is, it might have been worse. The NHL could have imposed a penalty of…

$5 million, forfeit entry round draft picks at the Commissioner’s discretion and forfeit any winning games that might have been affected by the circumvention.

In addition to the above, Section 26.13(c) (vii) of the CBA states in part, that upon a finding of a circumvention “Suspend any Club employee, Player, or Certified Agent involved in such a violation for a period of time determined in the sole discretion of the Commissioner…”

Now you know why Lou Lamoriello was telling the media, “Kovalchuk’s contract was out of my hands.”

The fine is $3 million and it’s a 1st and 3rd round pick at the Devils choosing within the next four years and obviously no games forfeited. No suspensions. Devils should consider themselves lucky.

New Jersey Devils President/CEO/General Manager and all round Major Domo Lou Lamoriello released the following;

“We were today advised of the ruling by the Commissioner with respect to the Kovalchuk matter. We disagree with the decision. We acted in good faith and did nothing wrong. We will have no further comment.”

Obviously this was written by a lawyer. Real people aren’t “today advised.” Real humans are “advised today” or we “found out.” Mostly though, real live human beings who breathe and bleed don’t “disagree with the decision.”

Real people thank the Commissioner, issue a (((heavy sigh))) loosen the tie and have a drink requiring an age requirement, usually straight up or on the rocks.

I totally agree with the “did nothing wrong” part. Of course there is nothing wrong with submitting a 17 year contract with 97% of the money paid out in the first 10 years. Of course there is nothing “wrong” submitting said contract after the NHL has publicly announced it is reviewing four similar contracts and issued warnings about circumventing the salary cap.

Nothing “wrong” with that at all. There’s plenty stupid about it. That’s why the Devils were sanctioned. They either knew or should have known.

Stupid isn’t wrong. It obviously isn’t cheap either.


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