Lupul denies it all

Posted: 09/15/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

Joffrey tweeted:  “ya I deny it all. You guys shouldn’t read blogs, they’ll rot your mind. Unless of course it’s my blog, then by all means.

(((Heavy Sigh))) Looking forward to seeing you make it back.

The “You guys shouldn’t read blogs, they’ll rot your mind.” is probably not a qualified medical opinion but all views are welcome here.

  1. snigger87 says:

    he would probably deny everything until he reached a point where he couldn’t physically try to play. Now I would say suing the doctor could still be an option regardless, UNLESS he didn’t follow the rehab program properly and I won’t speculate on that.

    • BackCheck says:

      hey Snigger87

      Welcome to the blog. You sound a tad more cynical than me. As of now I can’t confirm any part of the story. Lupul denies it. Bob Murray said “There’s nothing there” at his telephone conference yesterday. Joffrey Lupul is not a plaintiff in any lawsuit in federal court or in Orange County, California. I haven’t checked any other California jurisdictions.

      The California statute of limitations for a lawsuit against a healthcare provider is either 3 years from the event or 1 year from the time the alleged malpractice was discovered. It’s not unusual at all that nothing has been filed with the Courts while time tolls.

      I trust my source. That’s why I’m leaving it up as unconfirmed and blogging what I get as I get it. Even if I never confirm it, I stand by my source.

      Realistically, I probably won’t confirm it absent a public record. The nut of the story is medical privilege. Did a doctor tell Joffrey that he won’t play again?

      No matter what, Lupul’s medical challenge and his battle back is a great story. As a sciatica survivor who missed a season, I know first hand most of what he’s facing. Mine was also misdiagnosed and maltreated for six months. I didn’t sue though.

  2. tearingitup says:

    I guess we will see what happens in the next few weeks. As i posted elsewhere,I would rather spend some cap money on another strong forward

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