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Posted: 09/16/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

Fishing ’em out and passing the biscuits to you. Eric Belanger is spittin’ teeth mad…

after believing he had an oral agreement on a contract, the Belangers leased a house in Washington, got the kids signed up for school and did all the other things that go with moving. Apparently the Washington Capitals organization isn’t good to its word. Yippy skippy file the lawsuit The real damage is already done. If your word is no good, either are you.

Must be getting close to starting the season. Ovechkin is yackin’ already. This time USA Today’s Kevin Allen has the scoop

Vancouver Canucks will have a new captain now that Roberto Loungo has turned in the “C.” Every hockey player knows you don’t need a letter to lead anyway. Matt Short suggests the Knuckleheads tear a page from Lindy Ruff’s book and go with Henrik Sedin at home and Ryan Kesler on the road.

Here’s one more reason example why everybody the Red Wings are a class act. Andrea Lilja has been offered a professional tryout contract. The purpose isn’t to make the Wings. The reason is to give Lilja a chance to showcase himself and hopefully latch on with somebody. Geroge Malik of MLive has the 411

D-man Marc Staal and the Rangers have agreed to a 5 year near $20 million contract. Time to officially fire up the Redden and Rozsival rumors. The Rags are about $4 million over the cap after the Staal signing.

Richard Chere of the Star-Ledger talks with Devils Jamie Langenbruner and learns what a “No Trade Clause” really means in the NHL. turns out “No Trade Clause” doesn’t mean “no trade” after all. And they wonder why some say hockey is confusing.


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