Notes From Camp Day 1

Posted: 09/18/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

I took a notepad and made notes. Here are the notes and couple things that happened…

I was there from 9:30 to 11:30. Saw what I needed to see. Will go back in 4-6 days so I can measure progress.

Nice surprise is Luca Sbisa showed no effect of his foot injury. I focused on his foot movement when he was out there and he was strong pushing from either side. He executed cross-overs and cross-unders beautifully. In one moment on the blue line he even did some high steppin’ slash skating heel and toe getting into position. It was kind of comical. A Curly Joe from The 3 Stooges “whoob, whoob, whoob” re-group, re-position to the play in front of him.

Coach is taking a look at Bobby Ryan at center. Ryan was at center during the drills and the scrimmage. Get with Saku Koivu and work on those face offs Bobby.  Otherwise he looks good out there. Ryan and Sexton seem to have some chemistry.

Matt Belesky showed us why he got a two-year extension. He seemingly scored at will during the drills.

As the scrimmage started Coach Carlyle walked through us fans and was totally ignored. I felt bad for him and gave him a “hey Coach” with an extended hand. he took my hand and gave me firm handshake and said “How you doin'”

My opinion is one thing. I imagine some time I will express it to Coach directly. This wasn’t the time. This was the time to be human. He  genuinely appreciated being acknowledged by a fan. I was glad for him that somebody did.

During the scrimmage, Andy Sutton and Troy Bodie had a game within the game going on. Bodie was looking over his shoulder quite a bit. Geez, if Sutton takes Bodie to finishing school, “lookout, cookout” when Troy graduates.

Paul Mara sans beard, showed himself to be very much the traffic cop he is in this video Curtis Zupke found and posted at the OCR.

Speaking of the D, all those left handed shots stood out like Sarah Palin at a Mensa Society meeting. Some of the East/West passing along the point was brutal.

Ducks forwards listen up now. When Lubomir Visnovsky calls for the puck, it’s a really good idea to get it to him. Especially when the passing lane is open. Yes Matt Belesky this is a memo to you.

Jake Newton, Mark Mitera, Matt Clark and particularly Scot Valentine were impressive today.

Newton showed he’s the most physically able to compete with the vets.

Mark Mitera got beat on a couple on give and go’s. Yes his rookie was showing. Each time he impressed with quick lateral to get back into the play. Hopefully putting to rest any questions about his knee. With knees it’s the day after that tells the story.

Matt Clark got a couple shots from the point through to the net. That’s not in the book on him so it’s nice to see.

Scot Valentine showed Macgregor Sharp there’s no room between him and the boards. Sharp got a wake-up with a perfectly timed hipcheck. Valentine also showed crisp tape to tape first pass 3-4 times during the scrimmage.

Did Brendan Mikkelson take some shifts at forward? Was he just jumping up into the play and clearing the track for the forwards. Some guys have great wheels. Mikkelson has Hot Wheels. He could earn a nick like Matchbox or Transformer if he keeps it up.

Kyle Chipchura dominated physically and had some jump in his game. I commented previously that Chipper might take another step forward and show more of the stuff that earned the 18th overall pick in the 2004 Entry Draft.

Bob Murray didn’t look like a happy camper today. We made eye contact a few times and I had to wonder if he knows I call him “Barstool.”

Spoke with a couple fine young guys who made sure I noticed Jake Newton. Hope they’re having a good time at the bachelor party in San Diego. I suggested they get a nap in. First guy says, “Oh yeah,” Like it’s a good reminder. One said, “I’ll sleep in the car.” The other said, “I’m driving so I need to take an hour somewhere.” His friend said, “We can share the driving.”

Young people are entertaining even when they don’t mean to be 😉

It was a pleasure meeting Eric Stephens. Asked him if anything particular impressed him but he just tossed it back at me with a, “Well you know.”

Corey Perry looks to be in mid-season form.

Biggest surprise is Ryan Getzlaf is hurt. Hopefully it’s just marital bliss syndrome. Could be something more serious with a longer recovery time. Whatever it is he just didn’t have it today. Nick Bonino replaced him on a line with Perry and Blake.

Also had a nice chat with a gentleman from Finland. He was looking to get a pic with Teemu and Saku along with his, I’m guessing grand kids. Always fun to chat hockey. Especially with a fellow card carrying AARP member who has less hair. He shared that Teemu was a kindergarten teacher in Finland before his first contract.

Like it would have been easy to tell the teacher from the kids in that room. We did agree that Flash is the best guy to where the ‘C.’

No idea why GM Bob Murray wasn’t smiling today. There was plenty to smile about out there.

  1. bbdux93 says:

    Your comment about Sarah Palin gave me a good laugh.

    Hope Getz is OK

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