The Fun Starts Now

Posted: 09/18/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

Getting ready to leave for Anaheim Ice. Morning joe is dripping into the pot. Retired Hockey Mom just asked, “Are your clothes ready? What are you wearing?”  Now I’m puzzled, “Jeans and a shirt,” I respond in a half statement…

half approval seeking tone.  “Oh, okay,” she says.

Suddenly I’m reminded of my first day as a junior. Mom had taken me to Sears and bought me a suit because, “I needed to look nice.” Plus parents were told about the dress code. A sport coat and tie would have been fine.

So I walk in the room in a blue suit, shirt and tie and one of the guys says, “Hey GQ’s here”

And that’s how camp starts. A room full of the best guys you’ll ever meet getting ready to compete. Lighthearted bad jokes at everyone’s expense are flying all round.

If you’re not the brunt of a bad joke something’s wrong.

And there are the serious moments too. Like yesterday when Bobby Ryan told’s Matt Viboda, “There is a pretty good group of guys in this locker room. A lot of guys are here to win. The character is certainly there. We just have to put it together for 82 games.”

82 games. Now there’s a slogan for this season.

  1. bbdux93 says:

    Are we in some kind of time warp? Your post is dated today and the time is shown as 3:04 PM???? I’m reading this @ 9:13am on the same day. I’m sure you are one powerful guy – but did not know you could change time… 🙂

    • BackCheck says:

      lol, yeah the WordPress clock is set weird. Hopefully, eventually. I’ll find it and get it set to Pacific time. Not very high on the priority list though.

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