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Posted: 09/21/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

Today’s biscuits include a peek Guy Boucher’s Bolts, Bruins Marc Savard, Randy Carlyle, Gordie Howe, Jason Spezza, Oilers cut 20 and more…

Erik Erlendsson of the Tampa Bay Tribune serves ’em up hot and fresh in this look at how the Bolts stars are buying into new coach Guy Boucher’s system. It’s a 1-3-1. Have fun cz hokej…

Bruins Marc Savard is on the shelf indefinitely with post concussion syndrome. Savard, who hasn’t worked out in weeks remains in good spirits according to this report by Fluto Shinzawa…

THN’s Adam Proteau names our Ducks Randy Carlyle as one of the two most likely coaches to get de-employed in 2010-11…

Sticking with THN, the Getting to Know series with Mark Malinowski does this weeks Q&A with Gordie Howe. Pay attention to Howe’s words on tough. It’s a very different perspective than what you get from the media…

One of my faves, Mike Brophy at predicts a big year for Senators Jason Spezza. There’s a reason former Ducks GM Bryan Murray was willing to move Dany Heatley but is sticking with Spezza.

The first cut is the deepest as the Oilers sent packing from train camp. Expect our Ducks to follow suit sometime before the weekend.

  1. czhokej says:

    Great article, bc. I have read it with a lot of interest.
    1-3-1 system in the neutral zone means much more aggressive approach (and probably more risky) than the trap. We used to play mostly left wing lock, with two forecheckers, and I still like that system. The Red Wings made it famous in the late 90s, but it’s a very old and useful strategy.
    Active puck chasing in the defensive zone with 2 defensemen in one corner, that’s not completely new either (common trend), because Carlyle and some other coaches were trying to do the same. However, it requires two forwards from the other side to move back and guard the area around the crease. I see one serious problem with it – forwards are usually much worse in guarding (blocking, pushing, locking) the opposing players in front of the net.
    Nevertheless, I would love to see 1-3-1 system on the ice.
    Another thing – hardly anybody in the Ducks uniform can aggressively forecheck, with body contact or at least a stick whack.

    • BackCheck says:

      We have some learnin’ to do, no?

      I’m guessin’ the third guy across, as the outside guy is kind of a North/South swingman. North when the trap results in a turnover. South when it doesn’t.

      Time for a google search before I say more. I’m probably not even using the right terms, lol.

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