Back of the Net

Posted: 09/23/2010 by bc in Uncategorized
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Today’s biscuits fished from the back of the net include Timbits from Calgary, Edmonton, New York, Hogtown and Los Angeles…

For years the Calgary Flames couldn’t find centers. Now they can’t keep them healthy. Matt Stajan, who separated his shoulder in last night’s preseason game against the Nucks, joins Daymond Langkow on the Flames out indefinitely list.

Eklund is at his so what best today with this Timbit, “In the last 20 minutes my phone has been hit with 5 texts concerning a Rangers/Oilers “Blockbuster.” No definite names as of yet, but 3 of the 5 sources sounded fairly confident Souray is involved.”

Okay now let’s translate. Ek is pretty sure the Oilers are moving Sheldon Souray and it could be to New York.

Proving once again that L.A. writers can spread it as well as Philly writers, L.A. Kings Insider Rich Hammond takes hype to whole new level. C’mon, Kings fans are our neighbors so hold the snickering down please;

“It’s unrealistic to think that Kopitar can maintain last season’s early-season success for an entire season, but there’s no reason to think he shouldn’t be able to rise to the 40-goal level.”

Let me get this straight. It’s unrealistic to think Kopitar can maintain his early season pace of last season but it’s not unrealistic to think he’ll exceed it.

Brian Burke failed to make a media appearance again today. Not a quote in any of Hogtown’s 3 major papers. No video on In fact I haven’t noticed Burke at all this week. Who knew not asking Kabs to waive his NTC while you’re not shopping him could keep a guy so busy.

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