Cam Fowler: How Good Is That Good?

Posted: 09/23/2010 by bc in Uncategorized
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There’s only one reason why Cam Fowler will make the big club coming out camp; he’s that good. The reasons he won’t are more numerous. Some don’t even have anything to do with hockey. Let’s take a look at what how good ‘that good’ really means…

Fowler is on a 3 year entry level contract (ELC.) Clubs have two opportunities to extend an Entry level contract by one year. The details aren’t important but you can check it out in Article 9 of the CBA.

What is important is that it’s good business to extend Fowler’s ELC by one season. Keeping Cam out of the NHL while he grows physically and matures mentally and emotionally finishes.

If Fowler pans out, his second contract will be up in the Getzlaf, Perry, Ryan range. Cam must be ‘that good’ now as to make the economics of extending his ELC one year, uneconomical.

It isn’t just the $3-4 million our Ducks will spend a year sooner than necessary. Is this rookie ‘that good’ that he won’t cost us the playoffs? Now we’re talking serious money.

The playoffs are likely the difference between profit and loss not just to our Ducks but the Honda Center as well.

You can count on less than one hand the number of rookies who helped push non-playoff teams into the playoffs. The number of rookie mistakes that cost teams the playoffs is legion.

Add it all up and Cam Fowler is at least a $10 million decision.

Next to the money is the jobs. Specifically those of the key decision makers, Bob Murray and Randy Carlyle.

Now that the business is stacked totally against our rookie hope, let’s look at the hockey.

No secret our Ducks need a right-handed shooter who can QB the 2nd unit PP. Cam is another southpaw who we hope might QB the 2nd unit PP. UGH!!!

Luca Sbisa, barely and really only technically a sophomore himself will probably make the team. If Fowler makes it too, can Carlyle/Farrish avoid having essentially a rookie D pairing on the ice during key points in the game?

Maybe the answer to how good is that good is beyond good.


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