Back of the Net 9/24/10

Posted: 09/24/2010 by bc in Uncategorized makes the daily feature for the first time with a couple of tip ins. No way do I qualify as a hockey historian. I do plead guilty to being charmed by the ever-changing culture and ambiance associated with the game…

For anyone who grew up in Smalltown USA or Europe or spent too much time in a bar like Cheers, the feature on Dundas, Ontario is special. Take off your hip, wear something hick and enjoy…

Done with Dundas? Have a peek at 10 Fantasy Sleepers but careful on selecting Avs Peter Mueller. The Rocky Mountain Mule was diagnosed with a concussion (((sigh))) this week. Can’t they…ah geez, I just don’t have a rant in me right now.

Looking for a laugh at the expense of the Laffers? One highly esteemed member of the Leafs Noise Machine is chirping maybe Nazim Kadri won’t win the Calder, Ross, Byng, Richard, Masterton, Messier, Selke and Smythe while leading Hogtown to the President’s and Stanley Cup trophies this year…

For continuous laughs bookmark One warning, pee first before reading Sean McIndoe otherwise things could get messy. Here’s a sample,

“As of this week, Vesa Toskala had yet to sign with an NHL team. Until he does, don’t forget to reduce your scoring projections for every player in the league by about 25%.”’s 30 in 30 takes a look at the Buffalo Sabres. It’s written in Canadian so prepare for the compound sentences and perfect grammar, even if the syntax is a bit…well…Canadian too. Or you can save time and go “Sabres will go as far as Ryan Miller can carry them” BackCheck’s Blog 9/24/2010. I just always find the Sabres interesting.

If you’re interested in fitness check out the Denis Boucher, Ph.D. blog at Boucher gets it. In this fascinating piece Boucher discusses muscle fatigue and peak performance.

Today’s newest feature, “Stupid is the New Smart” shout out goes to the NHL for the new rule against gesturing. Banning sign just strikes me as wrong.


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