Today Camp Turns Brutal

Posted: 09/24/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

So far the first week has been marked by b-day wishes for Joffrey Lupul, guys like Bobby Ryan tweeting about the excitement of just driving to the rink to practice with the team or get ready for a meaningless game….

Not even the first cuts put a damper on getting back to work.

If it doesn’t happen today, bet your mortgage that come Sunday our Ducks will be dragging tail feathers. Today is the first day of the first road trip. Just a quickie back2back up the coast for games in San Jose and Vancouver.

Then comes Sunday. Group A is back on the ice Sunday morning at 9:30am. Group B laces up for an 11:30am skate. Just guessin’ here but our 40-something and 30-somethings will most likely skate as Group B players Sunday morning. Assuming they all play Saturday night.

Our Ducks have been pretty lucky injury wise. Other than Toni Lydman’s double vision and Jason Jaffray’s torn ACL there hasn’t been anything serious or worrisome.

Watch out come Sunday. This is the time when those nagging hamstrings start to pull without snapping back. When the joints start to separate requiring more than a quick pop back into place.

More than ever this weekend, players need to heed the signals from their bodies. An ignored owie or suck it up decision can too easily become  an injury.

Training camp is not the time to play through pain. Unless your name is Joe DiPenta and you only need to spit out a few teeth 😉


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