Who’s No. 1, Getzlaf or Ryan?

Posted: 09/24/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

Right now, it’s Getzlaf. For how long? Is Coach Carlyle positioning Bobby Ryan into becoming our Ducks go to guy? Not since Ryan Getzlaf replaced Andy McDonald as our Ducks #1 center has his position been challenged as it is now…

One thing Ducks GM Bob Murray always promotes is competition from within. For the past 3 seasons nobody has been capable of competing with Ryan Getzlaf until now.

Don’t misunderstand the point here. Getzlaf and Ryan are teammates. They’re buds. This is the kind of healthy competition where one guy pushes the other to achieve. Among the first things Ryan Getzlaf said upon hearing the news our Ducks signed Saku Koivu is, “Great. That will take some of the pressure off.”

Getzlaf is a team guy. He welcomed the help and wasn’t threatened by it. Both Getzlaf and Ryan know hockey is a team game.

Frankly, it only makes sense. Getzlaf has shown he can be among the NHL’s most dominant players. Ryan has that special quality of making the players around him better. Each has different but unique intangible that begs for them to play apart.

This doesn’t make one of them a bad guy. It makes them different. Well lets forgive them for being human. As every woman knows better than men, chemistry is a funny thing.

Really what we’re talking about is a laugh between Gold and Silver about who picks up the dinner check.

In Coach Carlyle’s twosome approach to setting forward lines do you think Ryan-Selanne might outscore Getzlaf-Perry? Which twosome is most likely to spend less time in the sinbin?

On paper, a 1st unit PP of Getzlaf-Perry, Selanne/Ryan-Visnovsky is as good as any in the NHL. For more on Ryan on the point, check Eric Stephens at the OCR.

The numbers don’t lie. In their first two seasons:

GP          G          A        PTS       PIMS          +/-

Getzlaf      139       39        97        136       88                21

Ryan         141        66        55        121       124              22

Pretty even overall, no? Consider that Getzlaf launched his career on a team that went to the WCF and followed up by winning the Cup. Ryan’s Ducks teams weren’t so good.

The one thing that building 5 man units around Getzlaf and Ryan separately is it gives opposing teams fits. Think Sakic-Forsberg, Yzerman-Fedorov and Crosby-Malkin.

Those comparisons might seem pretty heady. Maybe we should ask Eric Staal and Rod Brind’Amour if two great players can lead a no-name defense to the Stanley Cup?

Ryan at center and that right-handed shot we so desperately need on the PP should be more than a training camp look-see. Give it 20 games into season and let’s see who picks up the first check, Getzlaf or Ryan 😉

  1. czhokej says:

    Stats may be misleading, and Getz always benefited from getting more time on PP and playing with the best players and his buddy Corey (on PP and also ES). That’s why his assists are much higher. I believe that BR is a better player, even though most people would disagree. Getz is a better playmaker, better passer, and shoots harder. Ryan is better skater, faster, with faster release, and smarter player. In terms of backchecking, neither of them did well (but +/- numbers indicate some defensive problems of our first line).
    We will be able to tell during this season who is better.
    Do they like each other? I do not know…

    • bbdux93 says:

      I think the reason a lot of people think Getz may be the better player could have more to do with his ability to dominate. And then again, that could also be because he gets so much ice time.. I loved the match ups between Getz and “Jumbo Joe”, not sure how Bobby would fare in that situation.

  2. BackCheck says:

    Good Morning czhokej & bbdux93,

    Sipping my first cup of joe right now. Nice to (((stretch)))) and find you guys left a couple notes 🙂

    Two words in cz’s post leap off the page, ‘better’ and ‘friends.’ Maybe it’s semantics and I know we’re not disagreeing so much as maybe seeing it through our own unique eye.

    From what people tell me, with two caveats, (1)I don’t know any of our Ducks players personally, (2) Now that I’m blogging I don’t want to know any of them personally.

    Based on what is admitidly, 2nd hand info with a dash of speculation I’d say Getzalf and Ryan are more buds than friends.

    My life’s experience has caused me to conclude people often mistake friendliness for friendship and kindness for weakness.

    Besides the road workplace friendships travel is strewn with landmines. There’s just so many awkward situations that come up.

    Maybe it’s just semantics, but I like ‘buds’ better than ‘friends.’

    Honestly cz, I’d trust bbdux’s insight on ‘friends’ more than yours or mine 😉

    Aren’t guys who understand that stuff usually gay? I don’t mean that in a bad way. Just askin’ with tongue in cheek.

  3. BackCheck says:

    – cz hokej

    As to who, Getzlaf or Ryan will be or is better? Again it may be just words.

    The question I would pose is who will be the more successful. To that question, I don’t know but time will tell.

    Again my friend, we’re on the same page though we might frame it and give it slightly different context.

    I guess that makes us both human 🙂

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