Wade Redden and the Post-Cap NHL

Posted: 09/25/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

Nick Kypreos of sportsnet.ca and Darren Dreger of tsn.ca are tweeting this morning that NYR d-man Wade Redden will be placed on waivers for the purpose of reassignment at noon today…

Larry Brooks, aka NYP_Brooksie tweeted this Sather quote, “Difficult changing someones life like this but have to do what’s right for team”

Wow. Pre-cap Wade Redden is a depth d-man. Post-cap it’s waivers, minors, Europe or buyout.

I don’t know if Wade Redden got exposed in the 2007 SCF against our Ducks or not. I do know he took a pounding in that series. On every dump, our Ducks went to Redden, kept the biscuit away from his partner Zdeno Chara, and just beat on him until he was wiling to write bad checks.

Wade Redden hasn’t been the same hockey player since that series.

The post mortem is rolling in. Dreger just re-tweeted, StapeNewsday

Tortorella on Wade Redden: “This had nothing to do with effort. He tried.”

Of course he tried. What Redden didn’t do is convince anyone that his $6.5 million cap hit couldn’t be better spent.

I’m guessin’ you can hear a  20 dollar bill land on the carpet in every agent office right now.

Among the issues already teed up among the owners is no guaranteed contracts in the next CBA. New York Rangers have just handed Don Fehr the issue he needs to unite the players.

You can hear the talking point already. Players gave you cost certainty. We want income certainty in return.

I’m guessin’ again that maybe Glen Sather and the fat cats at Cablevision aren’t the most popular guys among the NHL Board of Governors today.

Already, stupid internet speculation suggests Hawks goalie Cristobal Huet and his $5.635 million cap hit is next to fall. Wrong.

“Huet is likely headed to HC Fribourg-Gotteron of the Swiss League but the final arrangements can’t be finalized until two weeks into training camp according to NHL rules.” Via thn.com from the Chicago Daily Herald.

Actually it’s outsourcing the old fashioned way. It’s  not the job getting outsourced, it’s you.

It’s a sad day personally for Wade Redden. The implications for NHL hockey are enormous.

It’s taken a couple days for MSM to digest the implications of the Rangers demotion of Wade Redden. THN’s Ken Campbell agrees with me that it is a serious CBA issue, for a different reason.

Essentially, Campbell asks, should teams like the Rangers and Chicago, pay a cap penalty for burying contracts in the minors or in Europe?


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