Back of the Net 9/26/2010

Posted: 09/27/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

Our daily run of fishing out pucks from around the internet include stops in Atlanta as the Thrashers search for a captain, Boston for an update Marc Savard’s medical challenge, Vancouver in Edmonton and more…

Atlanta Thrashers face the same problem as our Ducks. Who wears the ‘C.’ And if you think there’s any love lost for Ilya Kovalchuk in the New South, check out the last paragraph of IceMan Bill Tiller’s blog. BTW, I’m told our Ducks are waiting for Teemu to decide if he wants it.

Hockey is big business but the Vancouver Canucks show prospect Kevin Connauton the little things do matter. Conauton was all set to go against our Ducks last night. Just like that he was scratched and told he’d play today in his hometown of Edmonton against the Oilers.

You’re good at playing hockey. You want to play hockey. The Boston Bruins are paying over $4 million a year to play hockey. You get your bell rung. YOU come back and play. A few months later post-concussion syndrome symptoms appear and now the questions are when and if Savard will ever play again.

Edmonton Oilers B.F. Jacques is on a road not traveled as he rehabs from his second back surgery involving a herniated disc. Jacques tells teh edmonton Journals Joanne Ireland, “I spent a month with a (skating) coach and just tried to get lower and lower so I’m using my hips a little bit more.”

As if getting billed as “the next Chris Pronger”  isn’t pressure enough on the 19-year-old Viktor Hedman, Guy Boucher tells the Trib’s Erik Erlandsson what “the next Chris Pronger” needs to do to take the next step…

If the San Jose Sharks prove that a team can improve after losing good players in consecutive years, our Ducks should be world beaters this season. profiles the guppies in this 30 in 30 feature.


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