Ducks: 3 Scoring Lines Changes Everything

Posted: 09/27/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

Those of us who burned billions of bytes of bandwidth advocating for change may get our wish. It may not be the change we were thinking about but it is, nevertheless, change…

Last season Coach Carlyle tried to find a 3rd scoring line. For some reason the search was called off. Consistent secondary scoring went MIA. Our Ducks missed the playoffs.

Yeah, yeah blame the 5 game skid following the Olympics. As if getting outscored by the opposition didn’t contribute to each one of those losses.

Stupid is the new smart 😉

It’s amazing how many people miss the fact that during the Cup run our Ducks had 3 scoring lines. In those 21 playoff games, AndyMac, Teemu and Chris Kunitz deposited 16 in the 1st Net Bank of Twine; Getz, Pears and Penner 14 and that so-called checking line? Pahlsson, Niedermayer & Moen popped 15 goals in 21 games. Another 10 came from the backline of Pronger, Niedermayer and Beauchemin. Even Richard Jackman, say who, chipped in a goal.

Our Ducks didn’t put on an amazing onslaught of offensive prowess during that playoff. Our guys scored 58 goals in those 21 games for a rather unspectacular 2.76 average goals per game.

Teams that get goals from everywhere or what MSM likes to berate as “scoring by committee” tend to get key goals at key times. Successful scoring by committee teams get backbreaking, game changing timely scoring on the 1st shift after a PK, late in the a period, first of a period, first goal of the game, the go ahead goal, that two goal lead or tying goal as time is winding down, the winner in OT and the always fun EN clincher.

Timely scoring happens when we score matters more than who scores. It’s what happens when the talent, chemistry and determination converge into the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Thank you Aristotle. Great hockey mind, his was.

Not buying into this one yet? Of late, how many Cups have those high powered top heavy offenses in Washington and San Jose won? How many Cups have those 3 scoring lines deep Chicago, Pittsburgh and Detroit won? Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it 3 scoring lines deep Philadelphia that survived the East to face the Hawks in the SCF last season?

A team that gets most of its scoring from 4-6 players is much easier to beat than a team that gets consistent offense from 10-12 guys. The reason is so simple, I’m almost embarrassed to post it.

It’s easier to contain and shut down 4-6 players that it is to compete against 10-12.

Our Ducks now have enough snarl in Parros, Sutton, Voros, Bodie and Brookbank to keep opposing teams honest. There’s plenty of physicality spread among Getzlaf, Mara, Perry, Chipchura, Belesky, Sbisa, Selanne and Ryan that we won’t get pushed around in our own end. God help the guy who tries to get into Sutton or Mara’s kitchen. Guys like Visnovsky, Koivu, Marchant and Sexton are full of pesky style compete.

When and IF Lupul makes it all the way back, finding 3 scoring lines from this roster is like picking new boobs at a Dow Chemical factory. You know they’re there, it’s just finding the right set.

The key, once again is Randy Carlyle. Can he coax, cajole or stumble  upon the secondary scoring needed to succeed in the new NHL? Will he give guys enough time to gel? Will he give up if it doesn’t happen quickly? Will he play it safe and try to protect his job if it doesn’t happen immediately? Will he coach not to lose rather than coaching to win?

Hey Coach, pretend your James T. Kirk commanding the starship Enterprise. Your five year mission….

  1. czhokej says:

    Good reading, bc. The roster is an important thing, and the other component is the style and system we play. Most people did not really notice a smart strategic move by Hawk’s coach Joel Quenneville – to put Byfuglien on Pronger, sometimes even guarding him, pushing him, disrupting his rhythm, and the Big Mans was just an agitator (I know that Chris was playing with an injury). Another important element of Dustin’s role was his presence around the crease, bothering the Ds.
    Can RC design something like this (and this is only one small example of good coaching)?

    • BackCheck says:

      Tough question cz. So far, Randy ‘Elmer Fudd’ Carlyle hasn’t shown much willingness to change. At least to stick with change.

      I think there’s more of a commitment to sticking with change this season. Aside from the Twins, there hasn’t been any other consistent twosomes on the forward lines.

      They seem to be trying lots of combos looking for chemistry. The system work has been focused on the special teams. I haven’t dropped in this past week so I can’t comment on if they’re simplifying the PK or not.

      Went to Anaheim Ice Sunday morning but I was the only one who didn’t get the memo practice had been canceled.

      I did inquire about a media credential today. Specifically, I called in and got to leave a message on a voice mail.

      Oh almost forgot. Also reached out to a couple of App designers about a digital coaches board, with movable arrows, x’s and o’s.

      Nobody got back to me today though. They probably don’t know how important I am 😉

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