Posted: 09/28/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

According to a reportfrom the always reliable Andy Strickland, Mike Danton’s former agent David Frost has turned up in SoCal using the alias Jim McCauley…

Frost alias McCauley has become associated with the Laguna Hockey Academy in Laguna Niguel, California. I don’t know David Frost alias Jim McCauley personally.

I do trust the considered judgment of Metro Toronto Hockey League, St. Mikes, Phoenix Coyotes and the NHLPA all of which have either banned him, accepted his resignation or in the case of St. Mike’s, traded their four best players so as not to have anything to do with David Frost alias Jim McCauley.

You may want to start with Wikipedia for general background, do your own research and think long and hard about allowing your kid anywhere near this guy.

The hockey community has a long and well founded tradition of offering people second chances. Once a hockey bum, always a hockey bum. Sadly Frost, alias Jim McCauley, is one of those guys with whom there remains a cloud of doubt and skepticism.

When this story is covered by a quality professional like Andy Strickland and re-tweeted with a link by another quality professional like Bob McKenzie it is a huge red flag.

Greg Wyshinski @Puck Daddy and Curtis Zupke of the OCR have joined in the net version of the Amber Alert System.

Spreading the word is about all law abiding civilized people can do.


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