Hockey’s Heroes, A Special Back of the Net Feature

Posted: 09/29/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

This is just cathartic for me after having blogged on about a scum sucking gutter slug like David Frost alias Jim McCauley.

Just about any day of the week you can look to hockey for a great story on what life is really all about. Good people who modestly, quietly accept the toughest challenge in life, trying to give more than we get…

I’m tossing this one up out of respect for my Dad, now long deceased, and some fine advice he once imparted to me. Dad said;

“I never thought much about the money when opportunities came my way. Rather, I considered if it was worthwhile doing and if I could be of some use.”

Red Wings Pavel Datsyuk is one genuine sportsman who is a fine example of great advice from the finest man I’ve ever known.

I feel better already. Sometimes you have to do something to scrape it off 😉


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