Ducks D Taking Shape

Posted: 09/30/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

If the plan is to go with 8 D-men the back line is complete. A healthy Toni Lydam would change things. Any such Lydman activated roster move is at least a couple-3 weeks hence…..

Our Ducks blue line crew has scared the beejeebers out of many fans all summer. They may have good reason to be skeptical.

The first guy you can toss over the boards in any situation is the well-traveled journeyman Paul Mara. He’s not our #1, but in Lydman’s absence Mara could be the #2. He’s certainly the most versatile among our D-men.

Lubomir Visnovsky is the obvious #1. Lubo is not a #1 in the sense that he should play in all situations against the league’s best though. To get the most from Vis you want him logging his minutes in ES and PP situations.

Andy Sutton will be asked to assume the match up role and chip in on one of the PK units. Not sure how effective he’ll be from the sinbin where Andy usually parks his butt for over 100 minutes per season.

Another Duck veteran who has seen action in all situations is Sheldon Brookbank. Like Andy Sutton, Sheldon drew 114 PIMS last season.

Brendan Mikkelson seems to be settling in as a steady puck moving D-man. One reason Mikkelson stands out on this roster is just doesn’t take stupid penalties. Brendan is one guy who competes without hurting his team.

Last but not least are Luca Sbisa and Cam Fowler.  The season starts for real in 10 days. It won’t take long to learn if Sbisa and Fowler are for real or need more seasoning.

This is not a great blue line on paper. That doesn’t mean it can’t be a solid blue line though. Each guys will need to sacrifice and earn the respect of his teammates.

Visnovsky has to be managed properly and not asked to do too much. He will die trying and our Ducks get hurt as a result.

Mara needs to do what he does. Play traffic cop. Maintain inside position and keep the play in front of him. The rest will fall into place for Paul as he avoids the (((DOH))) moments.

Sutton and Brookbank MUST eliminate the bad penalties.

Mikkelson should be show more consistency and get a little more physical to take the next step.

Sbisa and Fowler need prove they belong and contribute.

With a little support from the forwards and Jonas Hiller behind them, this blue man crew could pleasantly surprise.

  1. czhokej says:

    Any person who went through the torturous process of the communist schooling in Eastern Europe remembers the famous slogan “Learn, learn and learn as said the great Lenin”.
    For our Ds, it should be: Positioning, positioning, positioning. For Carlyle, it should be the former.

  2. BackCheck says:

    Good point. Positioning is not all that difficult if the gap is short and you have some support around you.

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