Nucks 4 Ducks 2

Posted: 10/01/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

It was a 1 goal game until the final 14 seconds when Ryan Kesler scored on EN. This was our Ducks best played game this week. Still it wasn’t quite enough.

This is the NHL. You make a mistake and the opposition will make you pay. The story of this game was simply a turnover that led to a shorthanded goal. Two PP goals, the first a wicked slap from the point by Edler from Erhoff off the face off that nobody saw. Second, Henrik Sedin slipped down the weak side to pop one past Hiller from brother Daniel.

Belesky was robbed by Schneider 2-3 times. Koivu-Ryan-Selanne created some chances.

There is a lot of good take from this game. Our guys were in it all the way. Just not enough good things to call it win.

Well gang, thanks to all for this site’s busiest day. 296 unique hits. Previous high was 254. I’ve been up and doing hockey for 16 straight hours. Life is good. CYA tomorrow 🙂


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