The Great Anaheim Ducks Kids Club Kits Giveaway

Posted: 10/03/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

You have to love OC Family,  Alive in Wonderland columnist Suz Brougthon.

Suz seems positively thrilled to be giving away two Anaheim Ducks Wild Wingers Kids Club Kits. Jeez, she even gives a link to her story about how she fell in love with hockey and attending her first Ducks game in 2007.

It’s a great read.

Ms. Broughton then goes on to describe all the great stuff in the Ducks Kid Club Kit, with pictures.

So thrilled is she,  Suz plum forgot to tell us how to enter and win.  Visit her corner of the OC Register. Ask her how to enter and tell her BackCheck sent ya. They tell me she’s a good sport. For my sake, I hope they’re right 😉


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