Back of the Net 10/04/2010

Posted: 10/04/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

Former Duck Brendan Morrison has been signed by the Flames per Darren Dregger tweet. Bob McKenzie tweets it’s a one way, one year @ $750k. McKenziew updated, now says it a $725k contract. Big whoop, huh…

Where’s Judge Judy when you need her? NHL continues to make a mockery of justice when spearing, crosschecking and slashing, all on the same play results in a one game suspension. What do you think would happen on the street if a guy spears, crosschecks and slashes another with a hockey stick? Is the Cammallerri decision an example of the soft sentences we see for white on black crime in our criminal courts everyday?

After more than a year of hyping the hockey world he was going to compete for a top line or 2nd line spot on the Leafs, Nazim Kadri is now a Marlie. never one at a loss for words Brian Burke blah blah Ryan Getzalf blah 5 years ago blah balh blah blah blah

Mike Brophy takes off on the not so new anymore rules changes 5 years later. Broph concludes the game is better. I agree.

Eklund, yeah I know he’s Hedda Hopper and Michael Musto rolled into one, but it’s harmless gossip. Bill Guerin is released from his tryout but some Flyers players secretly confess to Eklund that his presence in the room is sorely needed.

Ain’t it amazing how Kings Fans aren’t popping up on Ducks board today. Checkout Hammond for how some Kings fans are reacting to the loss to the Ducks. Be warned, as you might expect from Hollywood, there’s a film critic and a wannabe economist. Such a compelling cast, no?

One of the mantras chanted most frequently by Claude Julien and his players goes like so: It’s always less about the opponent they’re facing, and more about how the Bruins [team stats] play, whether they deliver the sort of game they need to be successful.

Checkout how the Bruins reacted to a game wherein they won handily but didn’t play well.

  1. czhokej says:

    Brendan Morrison was a major disappointment when he was with the Ducks. It was exactly back then, when watching Morrison, I realized that RC’s judgment was meager.

    • BackCheck says:

      I hear ya cz. Signing B-Mo wasn’t Burkie’s best move either.

      Morrison is a good guy. He just hasn’t been the same since blowing out his knee. Flames will give him a chance to recapture some of his glory days.

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