Ducks: It’s the PK, stupid. Part ll

Posted: 10/04/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

Take a run over here and watch the Nucks 3rd goal of the game. It’s a PP goal by Henrik Sedin. Doing so will definitely add to your appreciation of what comes next…

Back already? Cool.  What you just saw is a great example of how an aggressive PP can be exploited.  Nucks player has the biscuit at the mid-boards. He’s pressured and passes into the corner. Henrik Sedin picks it up and passes to a Nuck in the high slot.

At this point our guys all over react or over pursue. Even Jonas Hiller comes out to top of the crease. Henrik Sedin is now below the Ducks box and behind Hiller at the side of the net.

At this point the Nucks player receiving the pass in the high slot, moves against the flow, into an open passing lane back to Sedin and Hiller is fishing one out of the netting.

This entire prose is describing about 2 seconds of action.

Why pressure guys on the perimeter? Keep the opposing players outside and the opposition PP will kill the penalty for you.

I say don’t pressure. Let them hang and play on the perimeter all they want. It’s like going spaz about giving up 35-40 shots per game. Who cares if they’re mostly coming from bad angle low percentage shooting areas?

  1. czhokej says:

    Almost every team at the World Hockey Championship in Germany this year played PK exactly as you described it, bc. Almost every team, and in almost every game exploited our system during 09-10 season. It was so simple – lure our Ds out of position and pass into those open shooting lanes.

    • BackCheck says:

      The only positive I took from that play is how well our guys listened and played an aggressive PK. Even to the point of over-committing as they moved laterally across the zone.

      It really was near perfect over-execution 😉

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