Ducks: Successful Camp?

Posted: 10/04/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

With just 4 days to prepare for the season opener our Ducks have reached the NHL maximum 23 man roster. So everything is about set to start the season. right?

Well, maybe not engraved in stone or “Till death do you part” set. Okay set like quicksand?

Let’s take a look at what has been accomplished and what still is on the to do list….

Every preseason, every coaching staff at every level has to do the worst job in hockey. That job of course is sorting out the players. In effect, telling them where they belong.

The NHL is among the last of the leagues to get started and make their final cuts. These final releases and assignments can impact rosters all the way to Senior A hockey. This blog won’t follow things that far.

Injuries to Toni Lydman and Joffrey Lupul have opened a couple of roster spots, if only temporarily.

Our Ducks coaching staff also committed gobs of camp time focusing on the odd man situations.

The first line, Getzlaf, Perry & Belesky appears set. At least insofar as Coach sets his lines and stick to them.

Along the blue line the guys pretty much know how they’ll be used and in what situations.

Ryan Getzlaf was elected captain. Sak and Teemu will wear the A’s.

Beyond those five things, much is left on RC’s to do list.

Following the now suspended experiment of moving Bobby Ryan to center, where does our leading scorer fit? Frankly, its incredible ‘Elmer’ hasn’t found a spot for who is arguably the our 2nd best forward. Ryan is entering his 3rd season. What traditionally is called the breakout season.

The coaching staff hasn’t yet figured out what to do with him.

Koivu/Selanne seem to be a reunited pairing up top. Who plays with Flash & Dash isn’t determined. You’d think Ryan but Jason Blake has seen time with the Finns in each of the past two games.

The depth lines are anybody’s guess.

One thing that doesn’t appear to have changed is the playbook. Our Ducks look to remain a highly penalized team with questionable PK.

With 4 days to go, much can still be accomplished. Even so, our Ducks will most likely break camp with many questions left unanswered.

Give ’em a ‘C’ grade.  Too much has been left undone.

  1. buick22 says:

    Sounds about right BC, he seems to be more comfortable leaving the Masterton Line together….It felt like he was feeling out who can play on a scoring line with Ryan at wing, Chipchura and Bodie look like possibilities,and then Sexton has to fit in somewhere…It is still weird to me that camp is so short, but it is the same in basketball, so I understand the game load aspect of it….but the little clinic sessions are not as taxing as full blown contact practices for the most part, it would seem like these things (PK diamonds for example) need as much time as anything, and it just isn’t there….Hopefully some Q’s get answered as we go.

  2. czhokej says:

    I feel bad beeing always so critical and negative. But I cannot help it.
    First: RC should have had an idea about preferable line combos long before the camp started. He shouldn’t have wasted so much time experimenting with line rushes, and putinng into the line-up guys destined to be sent to AHL. (bc, you knew exactly well who would be sent away, most likely before the training camp even started). Besides, Carlyle has scouting reports available on every new player.

    Teemu said: It’s getting there,” he said. ”But I thnk last game [against Vancouver] was way better. If you look at the games, we haven’t had two games with the same line combinations. (I like to read between the lines.)

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