Duck Eggs and other Quick Hits

Posted: 10/05/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

Cam Fowler talks about what it’s like to realize his dream and learn from the “old guys.”

As if calling some of his teammates, “old guys” doesn’t have rookie written all over it, Fowler tells his homeys, “…I was never a die-hard Wings fan”as he leaves to open the season in Detroit.

Barstool Bob yawns his way through an interview while reflecting on last season, summer additions, signing Bobby Ryan, cap issues and most importantly describes “What a Bob Murray team looks like.”

At poster ladiesandgentleman found some interesting and inviting odds regarding our Ducks and players. The consensus opinion seems to be take the over on 88.5 regular season points.

This is partly to encourage my conservative friends to read the NY Times 😉 Partly because it is a one stop link to Pundit Predictions. For those afraid they might get some commie on them, the consensus view is that our Ducks miss the playoffs.


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