Back of the Net: 10/12/2010

Posted: 10/12/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

Injuries are the big story around the NHL this morning. The league’s CSI unit has a busy day as well, investigating Hjalmarssons’s hit on Buffalo’s Jason Pominville  and James Wisniewski’s hand and face gesture to Sean Avery…

Roughly 12.5%, 86 of the NHL’s possible 690 players are down with injury after the first weekend of action. Of those,  19 are listed as out indefinitely and 12 have concussions or post concussion syndrome.

Not sounding alarm bells BUT, losing players to injury at this rate will result in 100% turnover rate in the NHL by November 8. We won’t even make to Thanksgiving before every player in the NHL has missed games due to injury and nearly one-quarter will be out indefinitely.

The injury list was used in compiling this report.

Chicago’s Niklas Hjalmarsson will attend a disciplinary hearing scheduled for 1:00p.m. EDT. Hjalmarsson’s hit on Sabre’s Jason Pominville. Hjalmarsson received a 5 minute major during the game. More is expected.

James Wisniewski’s gesture to Sean Avery is alos on the league’s CSI docket. Retired Hockey Mom advises this video should carry a PG17 label. However she couldn’t stop laughing either.

Hjalmarsson and Wisniewski have each been suspended for two games for their respective infractions.  How a gesture compares to a concussion is beyond me.

Toronto Maple Leafs have waived D-man Jeff finger. It isn’t likely anyone will pickup the $7 million left on Finger’s contract through 2011-12.


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