Ducks: 3 Games & What Do We Know?

Posted: 10/12/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

We know what happens when you start the season 0-3?

The OCR asks, “What is the Ducks biggest problem?” Hey guys, they’re our Ducks not the Ducks. At our Ducks Official site fans are calling for trading Getzlaf and Perry and firing Carlyle. Over at they’re discussing the possibility of our Ducks relocating to everywhere from Quebec to Japan.

Great, wants us to learn a second language to follow our Ducks. I thought hockey was a second language, eh…

Yeah it’s a FUBAR alright. One thing our Ducks have shown they do very well is get ticked off and pick fights. But enough of the good news.

I’m pretty sure firing the coach, trading the new face of the franchise and his buddy and/or selling or moving the franchise are not on any Ducks To Do list today.

Not likely Bob Murray will follow Dan Woods advice and trade Corey Perry for Tomas Kaberle. Two-3 days later I’m still lol at Woody’s rationale. This trade makes sense because Burkey knows how to build a winner and it’s a trade he’d make right now.

So how did we go from SCF finalist and SC winner to laughable in just 5 years?

It starts with an ownership so ga ga teen crush infatuated with one player it directed management to do whatever necessary to keep him.

A team that is so dis-organized it can’t figure out where to play it’s leading scorer.

A coaching staff that finds it advisable to start the same goalie 3 times in less than 62 hours.

A team that has rebuilt its defense twice in two seasons with no end in sight.

Our Ducks will right their flight path. It might take longer than one or two seasons. How it gets done will be an interesting story. One well worth sticking around and covering.

  1. czhokej says:

    bc, what do you expect against Vancouver? Or what would you recommend?

  2. BackCheck says:

    Interesting match up cz. Actually I was just preparing the pregame when I saw you had posted. So here’s a little pregame pre-post 😉

    Two of the league’s top 7 offenses a year ago have struggled to score in their first few games. Nucks have 3 goals in 2 games while our Ducks scored twice in 3 games.

    The difference is defense. Jeez will Ducks fans get sick of hearing that word? Fact is Vancouver has one. Loungo is also hot, unusual for him in October.

    Dan Hamhuis missed practice today due to a sore groin. He is expected to play tomorrow night.

    I expect our Ducks win a high scoring game. last season Ducks/Nucks combined for 28 goals while splitting 4 games.

    We’ll never see what I recommend but here goes:



    Hiller starts.

    Healthy scratches: Marchant, Parros, Mikkelson.

  3. czhokej says:

    I would love to see those line rushes. We have to make some changes.
    Another question: What do you think about Carlyle’s propensity to take the play behind the goal line in the offensive zone. Hardly any other team has two players that deep South at the same time, we sometimes have all three forwards there.

  4. BackCheck says:

    We see the same thing cz but sometimes we have different words for it. Two d high on the points and 3 forwards below the red line is an example of what I call the wide or long gap.

    Other times we’ll see two forwards below the red line and the other, the slowest forward, Getzlaf or Chipchura stationed at the mid-boards. The mid-boards guy has 3rd man high responsibility coming back and ‘Elmer’ assigns that duty to our slowest forwards.

    Is it any wonder we give up so many odd many rushes?

    We don’t just play the wide gap in the offensive zone. We do it in all 3 zones. The Blues exploited our wide gap on the first two goals. They required just a few quick steps to create a 3 on 2 down low on the first goal and a 3 on 1 on the second just 6 ticks later.

    The wider the gap between the wings and D the more vulnerable you are.

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