Joffrey Lupul: Backcheck’s Blog Got It Right

Posted: 10/13/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

First the background. Back on September 13, 2010 I blogged that Joffrey Lupul had been told that his hockey career was over.

I tweeted Lupes and he denied it all. for those with too much time on your hands, you’re welcome to check teh Archive for Lupul Updates on September 15 and 20.

Recently Lupes tells Craig Custance of the Sporting News…

I don’t know why Lupes denied the BackCheck’s Blog report back on September 15. I understand why he would but I don’t know why he did.
Regardless, I think it’s pretty obvious now that I have the story right. Moreso, when I quote an anonymous source, it’s a pretty good source. I’m no Eklund.
Joffrey Lupul’s comeback, assuming he makes it all the way back, is a compelling story. Almost as compelling as those rescued miners in Chile.
I hope one day ‘Loops’ tells the story and opens up his medical records. I don’t care if he tells it through me or not. A story this compelling, this inspiring needs be told.
Oh and one more thing. If we’re going to use his nickname, let’s spell it L-o-o-p-s. Do you have any idea how many Hispanics see Lupes and say ‘Lou-pays.’
  1. buick22 says:

    I commented back when OCR was blogging about the possibility of him skating soon, as exciting (May I think) and someone twittered that they saw him, and he appeared to be walking without too much difficulty, and I was screaming that if he couldn’t walk with any stability, (typical for spinal injuries, or even post tap patients) the lower legs will never support skating in the near future, let alone skating in pads, in a game, at an NHL level inside of a year, and that was with hardcore 24/7 rehab and training…so without any inside info, none of the news about Lupul was surprising…unfortunately that these guys are super young, and although highly paid, they have very little life experience, and unfortunate things occur to them without the proper supervision or tutelage/protection…I hope that is not the case for Lupul, hockey or not, he worked with some relatives of mine, and was a close friend of theirs for years, before he went to NHL

  2. czhokej says:

    When I heard that he was given strong antibiotics for the whole month, I knew it was a bone infection, in the vertebrae. That can take a long time to heal, and sometimes the damage is permanent. I hope he will heal.

  3. […] Lupul came very close himself to verifying the facts of my report in this interview with Craig Custance of the Sporting News. Loops told Constance, “There were a couple months where I was beginning to get really worried […]

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