Fowler Earning a Job

Posted: 10/14/2010 by bc in Uncategorized
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Cam Fowler is making a strong case for sticking with the big club after just 4 NHL games. Pretty impressive considering Cam has but year of junior hockey under his belt. He isn’t even old enough to drink alcohol legally in California.

Anaheim Ducks new designated driver is making a strong case for sticking with the big club after just 4 games into his 9 game look-see…

The most indicator is how Fowler has been used thus far. Cam is second on the team in ATOI trailing only Lubomir Visnovsky.

Of his 89:01 minutes played Coach has tossed the rookie over the boards in all situations. 71:32 minutes of ES; 10:36 minutes of PK and 7:42 of TOI in PP. This is an appreciable upgrade over the mostly ES/PP situations Fowler saw during the exhibition season.

Playing on a team with a goal differential of minus 10 Fowler is minus 2. This kid is not the reason our Ducks have a bloated GAA of 4.00.  His 2 assists have him on pace for a 41 pt season but more importantly indicate his ability as a puck moving, play making, PP QB D-man.

Overall Cam Fowler is proving he belongs in the NHL.

The one weakness I’ve noticed is a propensity for Cam to rely on his skill. he’s got a good stick. Fowler can poke check and strip pucks like a kid gets in and out of the cookie jar.

Like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar Fowler gets caught occasionally. On one shift rather than play the man. The smart play. Fowler went for the biscuit and was deked out of his shorts by Daniel Sedin. On another Fowler attempted to block an Erhoff shot with his stick and ended up deflecting it past Hiller.

True that skill got him to the NHL but isn’t skill alone that will keep him in the NHL. This isn’t surprising as the Ducks brain trust has questioned the young man’s ability to stand up physically to the fully grown men of the NHL.

Knowing when to use his body instead of his stick is something Cam can learn in the NHL. If anything sending him back to junior will only stunt his development. He just won’t see the level of competition he needs in order to improve.

If ice time is the criteria, and I don’t know of a better one, Cam Fowler is well on his way toward establishing himself as No. 2 on defensive depth chart.

Unless the advanced scouts spot something and Fowler is exposed over the next 4-5 games, he’s already earned a job. Frankly, if that were an issue, Fowler wouldn’t have made it out of camp.

Still, it wouldn”t be like Barstool Bob and/or Coach Elmer Fudd haven’t shown (((DOH))) moments in the past. Fowler could get demoted but you’d have to be as dumb as Republicans following Christine O’Donnell into becoming Repubwiccans to do it.


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