Posted: 10/14/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

Anaheim Ducks most impressive UFA signing, Toni Lydman, (pr. Lud-man) is now medically cleared to play.

In this video, Lydman talks about relief while RC explains that value of the puck moving is “drastically underrated” in the NHL.

Lydman could and will probably play as soon as Friday night against Atlanta.

Let’s cut him some slack before we get too judgmental. Toni is at least a month behind his normal conditioning routine. He hasn’t played a game with our Ducks yet. Like with all injuries, medically cleared to play doesn’t mean the timing is back or the read and react is razor sharp instinctive.

Adapting to the system should be easier for Lydman than say Andreas Lilja. Lindy Ruff’s North/South puck management game in Buffalo is closer to our Ducks game than Coach Babcock’s N/S/E/W puck possession game played in Detroit.


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