Ah Shucks Ducks PostGame Blog

Posted: 10/15/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

For 50 minutes our guys played their best hockey of the young season. Our Ducks built a 4-2 lead that didn’t seem safe. Still 17,000+ fans felt our guys were on their way. First the bad news.

I didn’t see the penalty Mikkelson took. At least it occurred in our end though. Flat out no excuse for Perry slashing in offensive zone. He knew it.

Perry showed our Ducks to be a very fragile hockey team right now. There just isn’t much room for error.

We gave up another point tonight. On NHL Live this morning, Eddie Olczyk repeated what has now become a popular refrain, “You can’t make the playoffs in October but you can dig enough of a hole that you can miss the playoffs in October.”

After just 5 games into the young season our Ducks have earned themselves just 3 of a possible 10 points in the standings. If our guys miss the playoffs by 7 pints or less, this will be the week our Ducks missed the playoffs.

I sure hope somebody asks Coach ‘Elmer Fudd’ why the heck last season’s leading scorer didn’t take a shot in the shootout with a possible playoff point on the line.

Bobby Ryan with 35 goals is sitting on the bench while Saku Koivu with 19 goals is out there with a point on the line.

So much for the bad news.

Our Ducks PP is as sweet as the Power Players calendar promises to be. It has every element you could want. Perry and Getzlaf crash the net. Flash sniping from the high percentage shooting areas. Visnovsky shooting from the point and Bobby Ryan setting it all up from the point.

Toni Lydman will help settle things down on our shaky blue line. I imagine Dave Farrish is already telling Fowler, Mikkelson & Sbisa, “Study Lydman. Watch how he positions himself.”

Lydman is so smart out there. He made life much easier for all four centers who knew exactly when, where and how to pick up the support position. Toni said before the game he was worried about his reads. No worries there.

Not surprisingly Lubo was much better with Lydman riding shotgun.

Matt Belesky played his best game of the season. Looks like he’s over the  groin pull that held him back. That 3rd line of Chipchura, Belsky & Sexton  played another good game.

I understand this game was one tough point to lose. I appreciate our Ducks are already digging a hole. There are some bright spots.

The question now is can the good things (great PP; added poise on the back line; 3 ES scoring lines) come together quickly enough to stay in the hunt.

And please Coach no more twicky, twicky Elmer Fudd stuff. really RC nobody in this quadrant of the universe thinks you’re a genius. So how ’bout putting that dream to bed, eh.

If we have to lose a point, let’s do it putting our best players in the best position to win it.

  1. jopasjotakin says:

    “Bobby Ryan with 35 goals is sitting on the bench while Saku Koivu with 19 goals is out there with a point on the line.”
    Simply does not resolve the number of goals in this case. The light of statistics Saku is very good for shootouts.
    Sorry my bad english… I used to google translator. 🙂

  2. BackCheck says:

    Welcome to the board jopasjotakin. If you didn’t say you were using the translator I wouldn’t have known.

    NHL stats shows Saku Koivu was 1 for 3 and Ryan is 0 for 2 in shootouts last season.


    In 2008-09 both were 1 for 6 in shootout attempts.

  3. czhokej says:

    Last year my most frequent criticizm of Carlyle was: no net-front presence. He seems to be trying to change that.
    Another improvement: Only one defenseman leaves the area in front of our goalie for puck chasing journey at a time. However the forwards asigned to cover that void are still confused.

  4. czhokej says:

    Sorry about the typo.

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