UpDated @1:13p.m.:PreGame: Thrashers@Ducks

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Note: You won’t see any stat packs in my pregame blogs until at least 10 games have been played. IMO stats are meaningless before then. Stats are useless after ten games as well. Do you really need stats to know good teams have good stats, bad teams have bad stats and mediocre teams produce mixed results?

This game pits a team in transition against a team that has refused to use the ‘t’ word while it transitioned around glaring cap issues, possible retirements and a real retirement.

Atlanta did what many Ducks fans hoped Anaheim would do. They brought in a new GM in Rick Dudley who hired new coach Craig Ramsay. The already bent nosed Dudley became something of a pickpocket as he lifted Dustin Byfuglein, Andrew Ladd, Ben Eager and Brent Sopel out of Chicago.

The former Blackhawks bring some much-needed sandpaper to the Thrashers lineup.

GM Rick Dudley has given head coach Craig Ramsay a good group. Ramsay brings a conservative short gap, lots of 2-1-2 with 3 Thrashers lined up along the blueline. Ramsay encourages his guys to play a quick up tempo game.

Thrashers goalie Chris Mason says the neutral is the key to beating our Ducks. Mason told the AJC’s Chris Vivlamore, “They have a lot of top-end talent at the top of their lineup. You really have to watch these guys because they are tricky. [Corey] Perry and [Ryan] Getzlaf they are so good together. Then you have [Teemu] Selanne and Bobby Ryan. You just have to be aware of those guys. Our neutral zone has to be better because when we turn pucks over to players like that, that’s when they hurt you. If we can get better structurally through the neutral zone that will be a big key for us.”

Niklas Bergfors hasn’t impressed his new coach and will most probably view the game from the press box. Zach Bogosian has a shoulder owie and is day to day.

Thrashers blogger Bill Tiller reports that Ramsay is experimenting with his top 2 lines. Tiller reports our Ducks might see Antropov, Kane & Peverly followed by  Little, Ladd & Stewart. The Eager-Burmistrov-Thorburn line remains unchanged.

After 3 straight horrid losses on the road, our Ducks gutted out their first victory of the season at home against the Canucks Tuesday. The hope is our guys re-booted and created a new starting point to the season.

This game is a great test because our Ducks can’t afford to look past anyone. The Thrashers have a better blue line but our Ducks are better between the pipes and up front.  What’s that tell ya?

If you said establish the forecheck, stay on their D and don’t let a Craig Ramsay team out work ya, go to the front of the line.

This is a game our Ducks should win. The question is will they?

RC, Teemu and Brookbank discuss tonight’s game. Teemu says, “He thinks Lydman will play.” All three talk about respect for Craig Ramsay and the Atlanta Thrashers.

  1. buick22 says:

    They looked fast against the Kings the other night, and Mason looked better than I remember him looking last year. Definitely not a team to underestimate, and everyone knows we used to do that all the time last year. ATL plays a short gap like you said, and that is one of the things we never solved in the first three games, teams can watch those films to see how easy we can be stifled. Hopefully all the defensive work of late, will lead to the first passes being better, and our forwards being more available. We are better than last year on the wild one-on-one Wiz related breakaways….so that helps the blood pressure.

    • BackCheck says:

      On Thursday Ramsay put his guys through a gasser or bag skate. When asked if he was punishing the guys for losing Ramsay said, “No, not at all. We had an extra day off. That’s how we use an extra day off.”

      RC has said on numerous occasions that the doesn’t believe in bag skates.

      • buick22 says:

        RC likes meetings, and this last one he let everyone vent their feelings…does that qualify as a gasser..kidding

        I watch center ice so 5-7 games a night, and just like the NFL, teams that run out of gas in the third period lose a lot of games…or get caught up and shootout lottery results..

        I think on a two day break it’s a good idea….”suicides” we used to call em’

  2. buick22 says:

    Sorry for the double post, but I can recall Teemu saying at a post game, “This is easier than a regular practice session” when referring to the pace of a tough game they had just won…

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