Duck Eggs

Posted: 10/17/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

We all knew somebody from the blue line was packing a winter coat the moment Andreas Lilja cleared immigration. The vast majority of hockey players are really fine people. It’s always an “Ah crap” day when somebody you have hope for like Luca Sbisa is sent back to “summer school” for extra learnin’.

Just how slow is Ryan Getzlaf? Could Getzlaf beat Troy Bodie or George Parros in a one lap race around the rink? Could be a question for What if Sports.

This is a question that begs because we all thought Matt Belesky looked pretty good on the top line.

As a player, I much preferred going out with faster guys. Slow skaters are just a flat-out pain. It doesn’t matter how great a player the “turtle” might be, playing alongside pokey requires adjustments.

Perry suits Getz. Corey is as slow as Heinz ketchup.

Just a hunch, Andreas Lilja might be a better partner for Cam Fowler than Paul Mara. No diss at Mara. Just that Lilly (who has the guts to call him that, lol) is such a reliable, predictable stay@homer who cold allow a kid like Fowler a little more freedom  and support to do what he does best.

Pairings I’d like to see are Mikkelson-Visnovsky, Lydman-Fowler and Mara-Lilja.

As OCR’s Curtis Zupke reported, RC was back to juggling his lines at Saturday’s practice. Not too surprising as it’s time to get Ryan Carter some game action. Not sold on moving centers around when you can slot Carter at LW though.

Somebody might shoot me for this one but IMO Jonas Hiller has been great. I understand the numbers tell a different story. I just don’t care about stats when it comes to grading goalies.

With all that said, when the heck do we see Curtis McElhinney start? Three games in four days, Mac is on the bench. Back2back games, Mac is on the bench. He’s going to wear a butt print in that bench if he doesn’t start soon.

Our Anaheim Ducks have announced a new partnership with USC Hockey. that’s right we could soon have Trojan night at the Honda Center. Awesome!!!

While there is definitely room for both, I always advise parents and kids to go NCAA instead of Junior in Canada or Europe. If you have any academic ability at all there is just no substitute for the backup plan a good education offers.

Retired Hockey Mom and I were at Enterprise Rent-a-Car a couple months back. They had a help wanted sign up. Just out of curiosity, I asked what the qualifications were to be  a counter person at Enterprise. The young lady told me, “Our entry level management program requires a 4 year degree.”

You might want to think about that just in case the hockey, rapper or Hollywood career doesn’t quite pan out.

I predict that within 5 years we’ll USC become a Division 1 hockey school with our Ducks help.


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