UpDated PostGame PopUp: Ducks 3 Coyotes 2

Posted: 10/17/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

Again let’s the hype out of the way, first. In the PreGame Post up I said, “Phoenix plays so tight and disciplined. Hiller has been incredible even though he’s been hung out to dry too many times. My best guess is a one goal game that could go either way.”

Amazed the media guys didn’t give Hiller the Killer a star tonight. Our Ducks did the best they could to give it away again in the late third. it was if Hiller just said, ‘No. Not you. Not today. Yaw.”

Expect the NHL to review Doan’s head shot on Sexton. No penalty called. But I think I’m going to treat myself to a Ref-U-Suck t-shirt.

Note: This is a genuine, honest plug. I can’t accept anything from RefYouSuck.com due to my agreement with WordPress.com.

Cam Fowler scored his first goal as Duck giving him 3 points in just t6 games. Fowler left game after crashing face first into the board and didn’t return. No news yet on the extent of the injury.

Two absolutely awesome incredible goals tonight. Bobby Ryan made the key play on both. Toni Lydman is so smart, he makes smart hockey easy. Ryan told Kent French that he knew Lydman had snuck down the weak side and tossed a no look, behind the back pass through Labarbera in the crease that Lydman buried. Very similar to Lydman’s first goal as Duck.

On Perry’s game winner Ryan got things started by beating Doan behind Hiller. Ryan lugged teh puck ice and head manned the biscuit to Getzlaf steaming up the left wing. Ryan took the center lane, picked up a D-man and cleared the track of Perry, who re-directed Gtez’ pass 5-hole on the former King netminder Jason Labarbera.

Again, ducks did their best to blow the lead down the stretch but Hiller worked his magic for a big 2 point Pacific Division game.

More to come after our Ducks postup the interviews.

OCR’s Eric “Ice” Stephens just tweeted, “No one is saying on record but you wonder if the Ducks felt that Shane Doan’s hits on both Cam Fowler and Dan Sexton were on the dirty side.”

I tweeted back, “Nobody will or should. You take his number. The opportunity for payback will present itself. Ryan dumped him good on the GWG.”

Props at Ice for going for a great story. That’s his job. Our Ducks job is to play smart hockey. A week ago it took far less than what Doan did to get our guys off their game.

This new discipline is long overdue. You think Fowler isn’t smiling over his first goal? Or that Big Sexy isn’t willing to take one for the team if it means a win?

Bobby Ryan dumped Doan hard behind the net to start what became the GWG. Who knows maybe Sutton is back on November 27 when we see #19 again. Maybe Andy accidentally shows Doan the same knee on knee he accidentally gave Jason Allison. If not Sutton, maybe Bodie or Parros or one of the other guys not named Getz, Perry or Ryan.

That’s how you do it. Take his number, wait for the opportunity and punch his ticket.

Hopefully the league will take care of Doan now. One of our guys takes care of him November 27, 2010.

Here’s the comments from ADHN.

BTW,  I have never been more disgusted by Randy Carlyle than I am tonight. Blame Fowler for Doan’s cheap shot? I’m done. No need to wait the customary 20 games.

If you won’t stick up for your guys you don’t deserve to be called coach.

  1. czhokej says:

    To start with negatives: Hardly any two consecutive passes connected, we were losing pucks too easy, too many turnovers, too many defensive errors.

    Fowler is a nice talented kid, I hope he is OK.
    I am glad we won, it would have been much more dificult if the Coytes were more rested.

  2. BackCheck says:

    Yer right cz. Coyotes were also missing Ed Jovanowski and their best defensive forward, Martin Hanzel left early with an undisclosed injury. those are two difference makers right there.

    Our guys got away with one tonight.

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