Opinion: Fire Randy Carlyle Now

Posted: 10/18/2010 by bc in Uncategorized
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For those who know me from other sites, my history on firing coaches is pretty traditional. First consideration is timing;

– 20-25 games into the season.

– Anytime afterward if the season is salvageable and a coaching change is deemed necessary.

– At the of the season.

Then there is the circumstance when timing doesn’t matter. A coach has done something so outrageous, so egregious that it will be impossible to recover and regain the respect of his players.

Randy Carlyle has shown such poor judgment that he doesn’t deserve to be called ‘Coach.’ By anyone, anywhere. At any level, including house league hockey.

I can understand and support Carlyle not encouraging retaliatory action against Shane Doan for the hits on Fowler and Sexton. There are many reasons why a coach wouldn’t ask for a tooth or order his players to “kill that m-effer.”

But after the game Carlye went out of his way to suggest Doan’s boarding on Fowler was Cam’s fault.

I saw it on the ADHN video comments after the game. However that portion of Carlyle’s comment is no longer available. Poster Buick22, who is credible IMO, posted on the OCR, “I heard RC saying, when you embarrass half the team, someone is gonna paste you…and Doan did.”

Carlyle went on to characterize Fowler’s move, cut low around the net, as a rookie mistake. Technically, Carlyle is right. There is a larger issue here, that obviously, Randy Carlyle just flat-out doesn’t get.

At various times during the past two seasons, I have both advocated for Carlyle’s dismissal and advocated against firing him due to timing issues.

However, when you don’t support your own players. When you say that somehow your own rookie is responsible for an opponent’s cheap shot.

You no longer deserve the respect of being called ‘Coach’. I don’t care if you’re NHL or some beginner house league.

You stick up for your players. Carlyle doesn’t. Worse Carlyle blames them.

Blaming Fowler is like telling a rich guy, “Well if you didn’t drive a Bentley, you wouldn’t be car jacked.”

Not even Elmer Fudd is that stupid. But Randy Carlyle seems to be.

Additionally, I really didn’t want to go through another roster makeover under this coach. Since the beginning of the season we waived and/or demoted Festerling, Sbisa and now Mikkelson.

It’s past time we stopped blaming the players. To paraphrase James Carville, “It the RC, stupid.”

  1. czhokej says:

    Good reading, music to my ears. As you know very well, I became RC’s critic in 2008, after being his admirer in 2007. During our Cup Season, I saw simple effective strategy, which brought us success. And then I started noticing his shortsighted decisions, his lack of ideas, and antagonism between him and players. I know, this article is not about the system and tactic, and here you added another aspect of Carlyle’s character – publicly criticizing and blaming his players. Old rule – criticism should be private!
    This man will not bring us anything good.

    • bbdux93 says:

      CZ – I’m sure you know the other part of that rule – Phrase in Public, Critize in Private

  2. BackCheck says:

    This went waaaay beyond cz. This is way more than blaming a player. This is abandoning and turning on your own player. I’m grokked.

    Something happened to Randy Carlyle after our Ducks won the Cup. He changed. Psychologists can tell you all about people who can’t handle success. IMO, most psychologists are whack jobs though.

    I prefer the wit and wisdom of my Aunt Fran, who would say something like, “Randy Carlyle is awfully impressed with himself” or “He’s just a little too big for his britches” or “Randy Carlyle? He’s a great coach. Just ask him. He’ll tell ya himself.”

  3. bbdux93 says:

    Backcheck – Off topic – sorta’

    I watch the standings and haven’t missed what the Maple Leafs are doing. Is that Burke, or Wilson, or luck? Will it last? Did Burke know what he was leaving us with once Murray and Carlyle had free rein over the Ducks? If so – could it have been intentional?

    I truly can’t imagine that Carlyle would ever have gotten away with his comments to the media – “bad mouthing” his players under Burke. And, he and Murray are so obviously trying to save themselves they will “throw anyone under the bus”. Disgusting!

    • BackCheck says:

      Hey bbdux93

      WB, u were missed Bud.

      Brian Burke is arguably the most over-rated GM in professional sport.

      Ron Wilson is a good coach but….he was a good player but. Ron Wilson is that serviceable prom date where the girl goes, “At least he’s not related.”

      Luck, you say? Leafs are 4-0-1. Looks like standard deviation at work.

      Will it last? Only if Jiggy has one more record setting season in him. Doubtful.

      Yeah, I think Burke pretty much knew he was leaving behind a mess.

      Naw, probably not intentionally. I do believe Brian Burke breached his contract with our Ducks and engaged in double dealing. I don’t believe he did anything intentionally to hurt our Ducks, even while he was double dealing.

      After all it was the Samueli’s & Shulman who promoted Murray, on Burke’s say so, but still a senior management decision.

      It’s the one part about Henry Samueli I dont’ get. IMO, he’s loyal to a fault.

  4. czhokej says:

    bb, good question, bc, good answer.
    I was wondering about it too.

    We need to promote this blog more!

  5. BackCheck says:

    Thanks cz, but one step at a time. I still haven’t found you guys better avatars or figured out how to load them up.

  6. buick22 says:

    BC I am glad you find me credible, but I didn’t mean to quote RC, just reading between the lines, he was placing the cause of the knee-face-board maneuver from Doan, as Fowler’s trying to do too much. He praised his skill, and underhandedly sold him down the river for being immature, or shortsided, that he might get hammered at the other end.
    (i.e. if a player tries to go coast to coast and beat the whole team (in this case, fairly handily) he is gonna get beat by that same team as some point. A lot fo our fellow fans find that attitude old school, and bad ass, but I find it tired, and old fashioned, like saying Sexton should of had his head up, and all that…Doan rode him into the boards, (and not to get the puck as he immediatly skated away), and RC kind of seemed to be smiling inside, like “That will teach him” almost, kind of pathetic from his own coach.

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