Back of the Net: We’re All on the Road

Posted: 10/19/2010 by bc in Uncategorized
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‘Been awhile since we fished out biscuits in the back of the (inter) net. You don’t have to far to find some good stuff out there.

Third lines have been a regular hot topic around our Ducks water cooler. THN’s Rory Boylen takes a look at how the Vancouver Canucks upgraded their 3rd line over the summer.

Fantasy players may get some tips from’s Scott Cullen. This week Cullen looks at the league’s top scorers and a couple possibles for fantasy GM’s looking for a boost.

TSNBobMcKenzie Bob McKenzie Tweets
NHL standard for late hit is anything greater than half-second after puck is gone. FYI, Doan’s hit on Sexton — a full second after.
If you’re looking for a game to watch on a Ducks travel day, check out Versus for Boston Bruins at Washington Capitals. The B’s are off to a fine start and the Caps are well, the Caps. Thomas gets the start. Chara v. Ovechkin alone makes this worthwhile.
No Back of the Net blog would be complete without at least one bit of silliness form a Hogtown Homer or Hollywood Hoser. Rob Longley of the Toronto Sun asks “Are the Leafs playoff bound?”
It’s fun to rag on the Rags but their so banged up right now, it’s almost unfair. But did you hear the one about the minor leaguer earning $6.5 million a year. Everybody wants to play for Glen Sather.
Toronto Star’s Damien Cox offers rational, common sense advocacy on the need to regulate head shots in both hockey and football. I did my bit here and here.
I will continue to advocate for change that makes the game safer to play. Safety is sanity.
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