Moving On: Ducks@Flyers PreGame PostUp

Posted: 10/20/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

So when Getzlaf, Perry or Ryan meet up with Chris Pronger in the corner, will it be to check him or ask him, “Can you get me to Philly too?”

Hopefully our Ducks lame-o performance against Columbus was in anticipation of meeting up with the Flyers and sending a message other than, “Rescue me.”

The Flyers and Ducks have one thing in common. Each team suffers from stupid penalty syndrome or SPS. That’s about as far as the similarities go. In terms of corrective action…

Dr. Carlyle ignored the symptoms for two years and only recently began the process completed his diagnosis of SPS. In response, Dr. Carlyle prescribed meetings, reviewing videos and issued stern warnings. I’m guessin’ finger waving was involved.

In contrast, Dr. Laviolette called out those exhibiting symptoms of Stupid Penalty Syndrome, bag skated them in front of the rest of the team and told the press it was a normal practice.

Dr. Carlyle has said repeatedly over the years that he doesn’t believe in bag skates. Carlyle seems to prefer name calling and outing his players in public.

In less than 24 hours we get to see some results of the two distinctly different approaches.

Teams have no new injuries to report at this time. Michael Leighton, Ian Lapperrierre and Matt Walker are out for the Flyers. Joffrey Lupul, Jason Jaffray, Andy Sutton remain unavailable to our Ducks. Cam Fowler’s status is TBD.

The Flyers seems a tad slow out of the gate. Their record is 2-2-1 with a goal differential of minus-3.

Our Ducks are now 2-4-1 with a goal differential better described as obscene rather than the numeric minus -12.

No prediction on this one. Our Ducks should lose and that’s a problem when considering human beings. What should happen too often doesn’t.

Oh special thanks to WordPress. Just as I was finishing up the whole thing crashed but autosave worked and I was able to recover this post.

Incredible. Not that autosave worked but that it I was able to find it and make it work for me, lol.


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