PostGame PostUp: Columbus 3 Anaheim 1

Posted: 10/20/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

Let’s get the eating crow part of the way. I predicted a 4-1 Ducks win. BackCheck’s crystal ball is officially broken. It was a ball buster of a game in more ways than one.

As I’ve said many times hockey is about sacrifice. Columbus did. Ducks didn’t. Blue Jackets blocked 20 shots. Ethan Moreau left the game in the second period after blocking an Anaheim shot. Talk about taking one for the team.

Shots weren’t he only area of wide disparity. Columbus outhit our Ducks 18-10. That’s right. Our so-called Big Bad Ducks were outhit by a team that didn’t even have its enforcer backing them up. Jared Boll is out with an injury.

“But wait. There’s more.” said the pitchman. Our Ducks didn’t record one take away the entire game.

With the team not showing much effort on the ice, coach Randy “Elmer Fudd” Carlyle  was at his twicky twicky best in the third. Elmer broke up his Dotted Line. The one that registered 13 points in 3 games. Now those wascally wabbits had gone more than 2 periods without wegistewing a point. Time to bwake up the wine. And he did.

Elmer created a new third line of Ryan-Carter-Sexton. In a game where our Ducks were down by a goal. A game where face-offs are the key. Elmer puts the better face-off and natural center on the wing in favor of a guy he hopes will become a center.

Tonight was an example of a team that got out sacrificed. A coach by a guy who didn’t have answer. A coach who once again showed he doesn’t faith in his players.

Comments are not yet available. I’m curious to see who and what RC blames tonight.

  1. czhokej says:

    We did not start that bad, but there were too many mistakes in the second.
    Carter had a good day in the FO circle, where Bobby R. usually struggles. Chippy had some good moments. Crapyle’s line juggling usually makes it worse.
    I do not like those vertical North-South passes along the boards, it’s too hard to handle the puck, and leaves players in a difficult situation, and when the opposing defense expects that, it’s easy to play the body. What is your opinion?

  2. buick22 says:

    RC doing the shuffle, even Hazy couldn’t keep up, and he mixed up the PK and PP too. It seemed like Ryan and Getz were off tonight, and Carter (I know you love him) looked ragged at times, he needs to be told “tonight you are offensive or tonight you need to protect”, they all seemed as schizo as the coach, PP looked lost, and Syvret and Lubo had most shots (without looking) maybe not on net, but shots taken anyway…yikes. We wona ton of faceoffs, and the dump on the sides was ineffective, and it looks sloppy too. The third line looked goo d vs PHO, so of course, mix it up….I also thought McIlhenney should have played…

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