Power Outage Strikes Anaheim & Detroit

Posted: 10/22/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

According to reports, today’s practice was all about the PP. Actually, the similarities between Eric “Ice” Stephens Quick hits from Friday’s practice and Dan “Woody” Woods Changes in Store for Ducks Power Play are eerily similar.

The similarities between Ice and Woody’s reports are just the beginning. There are striking similarities in the approaches of the respective coaches, Randy Carlyle and Mike Babcock.

After going 6 for 16 at home, our Ducks PP has fizzled on the road, registering a lights out 0 for 13. That got Elmer’s britches in a bunch and he’s decided to tear it down and rebuild it.
“We cannot, and we will not, sit still going with one group if they’re not getting the job done,” Carlyle said, as reported by Woody.
“It’s just a streaky thing, I think,” Getzlaf said, in true “What, me worry?” form.

Obviously, according to Dan Woods report, Getzlaf disagrees with Elmer. We all know if you disagree with Elmer you get traded. Should I send this in to Eklund? Getz to Hogtown? There is the Brian Burke connection.

Eric Stephens notes, “Part of the reason for the lack of success is the unwillingness of anyone other than Corey Perry to work consistently in front of the net.”

Let’s see, put Getz on the half wall. Lubo & Ryan on the points. Teemu scouting for an open spot in a shooting lane and Perry in front of the net. Maybe the reason Perry is the only guy going to the net is because that is the plan?

Maybe it’s synchronicity or something but the Red Wings are working on their PP as well. Even as eerily similar as the blogs of Dan Woods and Eric Stephens such is the respective approaches of Red Wings coach Mike Babcock and our Ducks Ducks Randy Carlyle.

“If it doesn’t get going, we’re going to have to change the units,” coach Mike Babcock said.

From OCR’s Eric Stephens and Dan Woods of Anaheim Ducks.com, “We need more production on it,” Carlyle said of the power play. “And if we don’t get more production, we’re going to have to think about changing up the groups.”

Babcock broke up the combination of Datsyuk and Zetterburg. Looks like Carlyle’s solution is to move Bobby Ryan from the point to forward.

IMO, we’re witnessing the result of early scouting reports and adjustments. After about five games patterns are established. Everything is clicking as the lights came on early for our Ducks and the Wings power plays.

Opposing teams counter. Cant’ be beat by the opposition power play. The lights go out. Now it’s time for Carlyle and Babcock to adjust.

And as maybe I just showed, while Eric Stephens and Dan Woods are great reporters, there is room for a blogger with a fresh POV 😉

“It’s just a streaky thing, I think,” Getzlaf said. Yeah, now go on out and play Getzy, there’s work to be done. You’ll get the memo.

The two teams get to their test their power play tweaks against each other, tomorrow night in Detroit.

  1. czhokej says:

    bc, we were saying it now for two years, again and again. (” Eric Stephens notes, “Part of the reason for the lack of success is the unwillingness of anyone other than Corey Perry to work consistently in front of the net.”)
    And even Correy spends to much time behind the goal. And on PP players have to move too! Scotty was good at it, I was hoping that Lubo could do the same. But both Getzy and Ryan are too slow to be the last guys on the blue line.
    It’s not only about people, it’s about instructions.

  2. buick22 says:

    Getz and Ryan are doomed to minuses if they can’t hold it in, Lubo is good at it, maybe Selanne starts at the point and roams…neither 15 nor 9 can catch Helm or Zetterburg while shorthanded, they will go right by, and shootout with CMac….wish I had KDOC, can’t watch tonight.

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