PostGame Rant: Detroit 5 Anaheim 4

Posted: 10/23/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

Cue up the goalie controversy. WTH is Randy Carlyle thinkin’? Are we back to win and you’re in? We were told that Giguere was traded because Hiller had won the starting job.

Not even ten games into the season, and Randy Carlyle,with this decision, has sent a message to management. That message is:

Remember when I said yeah trade Giguere because Hiller is the guy? And remember when I said oh any backup will do because Hiller is the guy? And remember, lol this is the funny part, Barstool Bob went out and spent $18 million of Henry Samueli’s money to lock up Jonas Hiller on my say so?

In the immortal words of Roseanne Rosanna Dana, “Nevermind.”

In Randy Carlyle’s world it works like this, win and yer in.

Nevermind that as I pointed after the Flyers game, MaElhinney didn’t face tips, deflections or screens. He saw nearly every shot. You give an NHL goalie that advantage and yes he better look good. If he doesn’t he’s not an NHL goalie.

So what’s Elmer’s next move? Totally misreads the situation. Creates a goalie controversy where none existed. A couple tips, defl;ections, screens and wham all of a sudden Curtis McElhinney doesn’t look so great?

Now if I, an amateur with a computer knows this, why doesnt’ this so-called self-proclaimed genius of a coach know it?

Eighteen million dollars sits on the bench and twenty-five million dollars (Bobby Ryan) is demoted to the third line. Carlyle is quite the asset manager, no?

Brian Hayward, solid company man he is, tried to put the best spin it. hazy said at least once in each of the past two games that, “Randy Carlyle is double shifting Bobby Ryan.” Ryan logged 18:37 minutes TOI tonight against the Wings. He registered 22:01 minutes TOI against the Flyers. Both numbers are within range of Ryan’s ATOI of 19:27 minutes this season.

If Elmer is double shifting Ryan he also is double sitting him as well. Otherwise Ryan’s TOI would be higher. Nice try Hazy but no sale.

If you don’t follow Eric Stephens on Twitter you should. Sometimes Ice’ best stuff is tweeted. Check out how he captured our Ducks rage at Kronwall’s hit on Teemu.

Our Ducks are wrong:

Rule 48.1 states:

Illegal Check to the Head – A lateral or blind side hit to an opponent where the head is targeted and/or the principle point of contact is not permitted.

Now check the video the NHL put out and it clearly shows that a North/South targeting the head is completely legal.

IMO the problem is the rule. It should be amended to read “any hit that targets the head.” Safety is Sanity.

A quick look a the standings how our Ducks are 13th in the West. Three points ahead of 15th place Edmonton. three points behind 6th place St. Louis. Eight other teams between 6th and 15th have 3, 2 or 1 game(s) in hand on our Ducks.

Stats and standings don’t begin to mean anything until teams have played at least 15 games. Standings are worth noting now that our Ducks are a halfway toward getting a bead from the stats and standings.

Call it a midterm report. Grade D-.

  1. ffe155 says:


    First time poster who has enjoyed your posts over the past two years.

    Of course disappointed with the loss, but have to differ in your assessment of some of RC’s calls in this one.

    I really liked Bobby Ryan paired with Carter, Sexton (followed by Marchant after Sexton went out). Created a lot more OVERALL offensive opportunities than the down low cycle of RPG. 2 goals by the third line (counting Syvret assisted by Ryan and Bodie). Ryan had more 1st period shifts/TOI than Getzlaf and RC was smart enough to put the Big Guns out for the last shift of the 1st period resulting in a goal.

    Also liked the use of Ryan and Perry on the PK.

    Really believe the D has been hurt by the loss of Fowler and look forward to seeing him back in the line-up. Thought it was coming together in the PHX game before Cam went down.

    Finally RC might be actually getting through to the Cement Heads. Detroit announcers on Center Ice kept waiting for the Anaheim self-destruction like Game One. Good things will happen if the self control continues.

  2. BackCheck says:

    Welcome to the blog ffe155. Good counterpoints.

    I don’t care so much about where Ryan plays so long as he gets his minutes. Carlyle has put him over the boards for as little as 16:30 against St. Louis and as much as 22:33 against Columbus.

    Ryan has seen action of about 18:40 twice over 22:00 twice and over 20:00 twice. He’s a center, a winger, a D-man on the PP. This much experimentation is what a coach does when he’s learning about a player or can’t figure what to do with a player.

    Agree on Ryan & Perry on the PK. Agree on Fowler. Missing Cam has really impacted our transition from the back line.

    Okay, will give ya Carlyle seems to be getting through to cementheads about the stupid penalties. A couple years late is better than never as they say.

  3. czhokej says:

    ffa 155, good insightful comments. I am almost always anti-Carlyle, and cannot help it anymore. It’s was again predominantly dump-and-chase, vertical passes (most of them looked like giveaways), no triangles, little screening (I call it lack of holmstromization from the Ducks).
    Teemu’s goal was a piece of beauty. Curtis was good and I was OK with him in the net. I felt that Hiller needed break.

  4. buick22 says:

    I thought Cmac should have been in net a game before Philly, he looked better, the rebounds need to be swallowed up, or cleared though, the goal from Bertuzzi was his fault for trusting Mara to clear…Mara felt like crap afterwards…that happens, what made me mad about last night was Getzlaf coasting again, like his is such a superior player that he can lolligag around with the puck in his feet, and wait for it to slide up to his stick he made a ton of turnovers just by being nonchalant, even with Datsyuk on the back check…he needs a wakeup call from someone who he respects…..I doubt Pronger will call him, so we better find someone!

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