PreGame PostUp: Anaheim@Detroit

Posted: 10/23/2010 by bc in Uncategorized
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What do Mike Bacock, Ruslan Salei, Drew Miller and Todd Bertuzzi all have in common? Each is a former Duck now playing a key role on the Wings. Very unusual for teams that consider themselves rivals.

Since and including our Ducks Cup season, the teams are 7-7-2 with each scoring and giving up 45 goals during the regular season.

They’ve fought two legendary playoff rounds since. In fact many observers have pointed out that Detroit’s Cup win in 2008 was in part because they didn’t face the bruising Ducks in the playoffs.

Story Line: Detroit v. Anaheim is an interesting matchup for more than the Western Conference rivalry. The contrasting styles make it interesting as well. Detroit is a puck possession team while our Ducks are a puck management team.

The difference is in how each style wears down the opposition.

A good puck management team seeks to dictate where the game is played. That is usually in the tight spaces, where one team wears the other down physically.

Puck possession teams tease and frustrate their opposition with a game of keep away. The opposition is worn down by skating and chasing all game long.

Watch how the geography influences the outcome of the game. Detroit will dominate inside the rectangle created by the faceoff dots. Not quite slot to slot, more high slot to high to slot. Our Ducks will dominate the perimeter and low slot.

Keys to the Game: Ducks need to force the Wings to the wall and hammer them until they’re picking teeth out of the glass. Wings need to avoid the wall and keep our Ducks in pursuit, which our Ducks will do as they try to pressure the puck carrier.

Wings took the first of four season games by a 4-0 score. Revenge is a dish professionals prefer served cold. Afterward, revenge is sweet. Doesn’t matter if it’s a hockey game or the first good and proper roll in the hay after the Big D. Nothing better than the revenge anything to put something behind you.

Given the revenge factor favors our Ducks in this game. Given the 3-2 win over the Flyers was something of a get well game. Given the Wings are little banged up with Draper, Ericsson and Ralfalski out; Bertuzzi and Abdelkader are game time decisions. Given Getzlaf, Perry, Selanne, Blake and Visnovsky are hot, I like our Ducks to win this one.

Prediction: Ducks by two goals, stay away from the over/under. Could be 3-1 or 5-3, who knows.

  1. czhokej says:

    Well, I have learned something here.
    Ducks’ system will not surprise Babcock, and Carlyle doesn’t have anything else in his sleeve. Special teams will decide the game.
    I do not trust my predictions, and I see you are more optimistic.

    • BackCheck says:

      I’m only doing the predictions because you asked, lol.

      Do you think Perry will get knocked around by Lady Byng? Pears may have to fight somebody just to get the B-word tag off his back. I don’t know if somebody will but if I skated against Pears I’d definitely call him “Byng’s bitch” just to make him nuts 😉

      Hope Corey’s ready for some serious raz.

  2. buick22 says:

    You’re right about Babcock, he also respects Getz and Pears’ talent, (when they are hitting, and dominate the scoring) member in the Olympics when he called them out for coasting, and they came back roaring and won crushed every shift for two straight games….someone should remind them….

  3. czhokej says:

    With most players – they are like kids and they need mentoring. Some major problems should be corrected from one shift to another. Kindly, without yelling.
    When two of our forwards collide behind the opposing goal, my blood pressure goes up. When all three of them are there trying to dig out the puck (or just waiting) I get chest pains.

  4. czhokej says:

    Good point Buick22, Babcock was able to get the best out of Getzy and Corey.

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