One Duck Egg: Love of the Game

Posted: 10/25/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

Jenelyn Russo and Suz Broughton teamed for an illuminating look at our game from a fan’s perspective. You might enjoy the entire series, linked at the bottom of Girls on the Glass

The line, “As we got seated, I figured I’d start explaining to them how to watch the game.” got me thinking about how I’ve shared my love for the game throughout my life.

The Mizzes, Russo & Broughton explain how the players must seem larger than life to their 7 & 4-year-old girls with noses pressed against the glass.

(Note: What is the plural for Ms. anyway?)

I can attest that NHL players often seem larger than life when you line up against them too!

Hockey is also a great way to teach your kids geometry and math. As a coach I’m forever drawing circles, squares, rectangles and triangles and teaching them advanced x and o’s.

You can introduce them to physics every time a puck is whipped around the boards or a small man uses leverage and inside position to upend a big man.

As a Dad our youngest came to me for help with algebra. I asked him, “If you score a goal in the first period, how many will you score in the game?”

“A hat trick!” he shouted.

He aced algebra and geometry.

I’ve reached the stage in life, late fifties, where some reflection seems appropriate, if not warranted. A couple of years ago I updated my resume to include, “I learned most of life’s important lessons playing ice hockey. I look forward to applying hard work, team work and sacrifice to benefit your organization.”

I know hockey has benefited me, my children and one Retired Hockey Mom.


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