PostGame PostUp: Ducks 5 Stars 2

Posted: 10/26/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

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3 official stars of the game: 1. Ryan 2. Hiller 3. Who cares…
My stars, in order of appearance;
Star bright, star light
First star I saw tonight…..Jonas Hiller
How our Ducks outhit the Stars in that first period is amazing. I think the scorekeepers counted Stars accidentally skating into our Ducks as a hit for us. Stars outskated and got to virtually every loose puck in the opening period.
Fans at the Ducks end got their money’s worth. Almost the entire first period was splayed with our Ducks backing up, then chasing Dallas players in our zone.
It looked like the only who ready from the start was Jonas Hiller. He stopped 14 of 15 shots IIRC. More importantly, Hiller was Killer on half a dozen or so Dallas scoring opportunities.
Star bright, star light
Second star I saw tonight….I don’t know but give Randy Carlyle the credit.
Yeah, not often I’m this nice to Elmer but even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then. It was Carlyle after all who stepped up after that disaster in Detroit. He adjusted a few things, conducted a send a message practice and probably did some talking after an ugly first period tonight.
Star bright, star light
Third star to appear tonight…Bobby Ryan
Bobby Ryan looked like the franchise player that Brian Burke hyped us on when he drafted Ryan 2nd to Sidney Crosby. It was Ryan who stuck his stick and body into Dallas passing lanes. Seventeen guys followed suit.
I’ve always said, you don’t need a letter to lead and Ryan showed that tonight.
The Masterton Line is nice. Nice doesn’t win hockey games. Those of us suffering at the whim of Coach Elmer, got our wish tonight. Koivu-Ryan-Selanne. Yeah baby.
The second and third periods were without doubt the two periods of smart hockey our Ducks have shown this season. so many smart things happen when you get, sticks, legs and bodies into the opposition passing lanes.
Even ‘Stache goal came on a blocked dump in or pass that led directly to his breakaway.  Right there we saw how smart defense first hockey leads to offensive chances.
The smarts didn’t end with defense first. Lubo looked liked he was remaking Finding Pvt. Ryan when he took the shot/pass to bobby on the 2nd goal. On the first Ryan found Lubo’s screamer for the tip in.
In the third, Dallas climbed back on their wheels and made it 3-2 on a flukey goal. Even when he’s Killer, Hiller looks a tad loosie goosie on those rebounds.
As the Stars made it 3-2 you could hear hearts thud throughout Duckland.
Holy jumpin’ almost as if Ducks dietitians slipped fish oil in the mashed potatoes our Ducks stuck with smart hockey. They kept coming and doing all the things that gave them lead.
This was not the old Ducks who would try to eat up the clock with 40 minutes left to play. No sitting on a lead with these boys. Another Carlyle tweak?
Even Getzlaf steamed up ice, wheels pumping on a center lane drive.
Way2be guys. It was two periods, back2back of smart, up tempo hockey. Honestly, I didn’t know you had it in ya.
Scary stat week continues. After starting the season 0-3-0, our Ducks are 4-2-1 in their last 7 games.
  1. buick22 says:

    Credit where credit is due, Ryan, Koivu, Hiller,Getz, Perry (backchecking!) the fact our PK was not on the ice all night for a change…defense looked a little less unsure…good things from an old school two day skatefest….still works, remember not all our players are 35+, the young guys are real young, they needed a reminder, and from the interviews it sounds like everyone was listening, and THAT is promising, for that credit to RC. No really, good job Carlyle.

  2. BackCheck says:

    Yup, it worked for one game so far. Actually, for 2/3’s of one game.

  3. czhokej says:

    I liked 2nd and 3rd, but what about the first period? What team is going to show up for the next game – the Ducks who played so poorly in the first period, or the Ducks who started skating, passing and shooting later in the game?

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