Bob Murray Proves Getting Nothing for Something is Progress

Posted: 10/27/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

Nathan Oystrick, who was deemed expendable and bought out by our 11th place 4-5-1 Ducks has just been called up by the 6th place 4-1-2 St. Louis Blues.

So Oystrick is good enough to play for a winning team but not good enough to play for our Ducks.

But wait, there’s more! To get Oystrick from Atlanta we traded Evgeni Arteyuhkin who we had acquired from Tampa for Drew Miller who has since found a home with the 4th place Detroit Red Wings.

Not so fast Pilgrim you say. We also have a conditional pick coming from Atlanta. Not likely, Arteyuhkin didn’t resign with the Thrashers so the most probable condition wasn’t met.

Nothing for Brendan Mikkelson and we end with nothing for Drew Miller.

I think I get it. Bob Murray was groomed by Brian Burke, the guy who got nothing for Ilya Bryzgalov.

Somehow it seems like progress though. It’s not like Miller or Mikkelson are Vezina Trophy contenders.

  1. buick22 says:

    It is easy to see these as failures now, and I hear what you are saying. RC knows who he doesn’t like, and that is a veteran player, who won’t kowtow like a rookie, Whitney for example, many thought he sucked, (and he did in our system) but once back in a role he was used to, passing to the center, and firing on a PP, he leads his current team in points (or did a few days ago), we can’t fix the past, but it would be nice not to revisit it, I wish RC could see the talent, and work it into his system, as opposed to asking something different of them, and discarding them as un-valuable because they don’t fit it. I was surprised to see Carter get his recent ice-time, and what do you know, more ice time, better play…like magic, too bad most guys aren’t here to “earn” their time after multiple send downs, and waivers…

  2. BackCheck says:

    Hey Buick22, Murray and that Whitney fiasco is just stunning. It was like buying a 10 speed and converting it into a stationary bike.

    I take the opposite approach from that olde tyme religion preacher Mr. Carlyle. IMO, once you get past the basics, you adapt the system to suit your players.

    Among the most astute observations from a coach I’ve ever heard comes from Scotty Bowman. Looking at his Wings in camp he said, “I’ve got two teams out there and I have to coach two ways of playing the game.”

    Bowman was referring to his skill, puck possession lines and his vertical bash & crash lines.

  3. czhokej says:

    Some of the Murray’s trades did not make too much sense, and whatever we got, RC did not use properly or not at all. It looks like that RC expects his slow players to chase the puck, his small D-guys to push big opposing forwards aside from the area around the crease, his weak FO men to win face-offs, and his first line to cycle the puck in the corner without attacking the net.
    We hardly ever use some special talents accordingly.

  4. buick22 says:

    R2 was just a bigger, and at times more talented (although doltish) Bodie, He was faster, bigger, and had a better shot, due to language barrier, and vagueness on RC’s part, he just hauled ass into everyone, and took major bad offensive zone penalties…that guy could have been something with some work, but it never happened. Not saying he was great, but he never had a chance. Miller should have stayed instead of Eminger, since we wasted his time too….Eminger should have been in AHL for another year or two…at least we got something for him…

  5. czhokej says:

    Evgeni Artyukhin may sign with SKA Petersburg. But I also think that he could have been useful, maybe more than Byfuglien, if used properly.

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