Back of the (inter)Net: +/-, Devils, Backcheck’s Gossip & more

Posted: 10/28/2010 by bc in Uncategorized
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THN’s Tommy Thompson examines the NHL’s most scorned stat, the plus/minus. I’ve found a use for plus/minus that makes no logical sense, except it works. Compare a player’s plus or minus to his team’s goal differential.

I accidentally invented this a few years ago and have been using it. Don’t talk about it much but probably should here. In the meantime Here’s Tommy…

Devils GM Lou Lamoriello joins hi team in Anaheim today. Meanwhile he’s telling everybody that Coach John MacLean’s job is safe after benching a $100 million asset. The question should be is Lou’s job safe?

Here’s one for the gossip girl’s. Yes, there will be direct communication between Devils GM Lou Lamoriello and Ducks consultant Scot Niedermayer. What will they talk about?

Sportsnets Jim Kelley takes a look at four coaches rumored to be on the seat. And yeah Devils John MacLean is on it but Randy Carlyle isn’t.

Catching up with USA Today’s Kevin Allen presented several surprises to highlight the first three weeks of the season. Keep scrolling for Allen’s take Atlanta’s young rookie, Alexander Burmistov. We noticed him a couple of weeks ago.

Hollywood Hosers aka L.A. Kings move on to Dallas tonight. Kings are 2-2 heading into the final game of 5 game road trip. The Hosers showed why they are more pretender than contender falling 3-1 to Chicago in their last outing.

Continuing with scary thought week, what happens if Mike Babcock finds lights a fire under his 3rd line or finds a new combination that can produce? Wings are already 5-1-1 and like all of Detroit isn’t firing on all cylinders yet.

Andy Strickland of True Hockey reports Boston’s Marc Savard is nowhere close to returning. Meanwhile Matt Cooke continues to play in the NHL. What’s it going to take for the NHL & NFL to get the message? Criminal charges? Lawsuits?

  1. czhokej says:

    Some people are optimistic about our improvement, and two recent wins on the road.
    I am only cautiously optimistic. There are too many things which still do not work.
    What kind of trades are we expecting?

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