Duck Eggs: Anaheim Calling, Ducks Cast and more…

Posted: 10/28/2010 by bc in Uncategorized
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Anaheim Calling is  a hockey site with food reviews, proves some guys can multi-task. Also worth a look is Andrew’s product review on the new $800.00 MLX skate. Hey guys how ’bout a review on hand me downs for the rest of us.

Ducks Cast from the Official Anaheim Ducks corporate message department features Steve Carrol with Danny Syvret on adjusting to the call up.

Curtis Zupke has Quick Hits from Today’s Practice up at OCR. Exciting commentary is led off by Buick22.

While yer at the OCR Ducks page Jenelyn Russo reviews the Hockey Spot including pics of hot geese to tease us ganders.

Post host message board offers current chat from Fire Randy Carlyle, Ducks Defense, Who’s Hot, rumors and more…


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