Duck Eggs: Ducks Honor Military; Wisniewski a Norris Contender and more…

Posted: 10/31/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

Today’s edition of “When Girls Love Hockey” looks at our Ducks Military Appreciation Night. Suz Broughton and Jenelyn Russo cover all aspects here. You can also support our Ducks Military Appreciation Night by making a direct donation to Operation Homefront, Green Beret Foundation or the Veterans Tickets Foundation. I donated one day a month to Operation Homefront.

According to THN’s Ryan Dixon, Wiz fast start rates him in the top ten Norris contending D-men. Wiz comes in a No. 9, ahead of another former Duck, Chris Pronger. Ryan Whitney, remember him? Whitney is logging 26:39 ATOI and is No. 4 in Dixon’s top ten Norris Trophy contenders. It’s early but it rots socks.

THN’s John Grigg adds his Top Ten Jack Adams , coach of the year watch. Guess who’s NOT on it? Come to think of it Randy Carlyle has never coached  or been an assistant coach of an Olympic team or a World Cup entry. He’s never coached a junior team in international competition.

There’s a reason Randy Carlyle has never earned the respect of his peers.

Eric Stephens offers a Let’s Laugh at Getzlaf. “Our line’s got to do a better job,” Getzlaf said. Hey Getz, how ’bout shutting up and showing up. Ryan “I’m gonna” Getzlaf.

DISH and Fox Networks got off stupid and reached an agreement.

Mainstream media reporters are beginning to file their early season surprise stories. Our 14th place, 4-7-1 aren’t surprising anyone in the early going.


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