Revisiting our Ducks D Decisions

Posted: 11/01/2010 by bc in Uncategorized
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Cue up the Kevin Bieksa trade rumors. Alex Burrows is set to come off IR and conventional wisdom as well as the gossip girls say Vancouver must trade somebody. Canucks could also move a salary to the minors.

Let’s not let reality or a demotion get in the way of a good trade rumor. Especially where our Ducks might be involved. It isn’t news to anyone that our Ducks GM Bob Murray panted like a dog in heat to Nucks GM Mike Gillis about Kevin Bieksa.

Here’s what I don’t get. Why would you give up assets and $700k cap space for the injury prone, high risk – high reward Kevin Bieksa when you already have James Wisniewski?Both are 40 point players. Both take bad, no check that, really stupid penalties. Both can make house league hockey players roll eyes over their respective defensive decisions. Both have at various times made it in their respective coaches dog house.

While Bieksa isn’t much better, Wisniewski has the sole distinction of making Sean Avery appear as a class act. In the immortal words of Larry the Cable Guy, “I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there.”

Even THN’s player profile on Kevin Bieksa is strikingly similar to James Wisniewski. Except for Wiz communication skills and his talent for visual aids there really isn’t much different between them.

Bieksa to Anaheim with picks and/or prospects going to Vancouver? Possibly. With this caveat:

Bob Murray will pay more, a lot more for Kevin Bieksa than the 3rd round conditional pick that the Islanders paid for James Wisniewski.

Then again, in Bob Murray,  we are talking about a guy who tosses bar stools in crowded rooms, has a Yosemite Sam fit and stomps out of negotiations with Bobby Ryan and trades James Wisniewski because he’s mad at him.

Does that sound like quality management demeanor and decision making to you?

Which brings us to Ryan Whitney. The guy who became a total flop in Anaheim the moment Barstool Bob traded Chris Pronger. Whitney was fine, even exemplary at times before the trade. After, it was decided that Whitney would be the new Pronger.

Unlike the very similar Bieksa & Wisniewski, Pronger and Whitney are  comparable in that both are hockey players who play defense and have a long reach.

Again I don’t get it. Why trade Chris Pronger if all you’re going to do is try and replace him? You already have him. Granted the Pronger trade was mandated by the Samueli’s, “Whatever Scot wants” policy. So it’s a bit unfair to put it all on Barstool Bob.

Obviously, stupid is as much as top down phenomena as it is bottom up. Since our Ducks won the Cup it seems as though stupid has reached the epidemic stage within the Ducks organization. Only a new owner and/or GM & Coach is the antidote.

On the day when all of hockey reads the considered and well-respected opinion of THN’s Ryan Dixon. On the day when we consider that Chris Pronger, Ryan Whitney and James Wisneiwski are early Top Ten Norris Trophy candidates;

Let’s also remember that each was an Anaheim Duck who was recently traded in part because Barstool Bob and his Elmer Fudd coach found each too difficult.

How ironic is it that both Bob Murray and Randy Carlyle were NHL D-men? Learn much?

Who would you rather have as your top 3 D-men, Pronger, Whitney and Wisniewski or Visnovsky, Lydman and Sutton?


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