Who ya gonna call? SlumpBusters

Posted: 11/02/2010 by bc in Uncategorized
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We’ve all faced it. Hockey teams call them slumps. Everyday people call them ruts. Economists and politicians always have new names and terms for it.

Whatever you call it, if you’re in one, you’re trying to get out of it.

Our Ducks have been in so many slumps these past two plus seasons that our GM and Coach have established patterns on how to breakout of slumps. If you’ve followed the Ducks at all you know the drill.

For Ducks GM Bob Murray it’s a Yosemite Sam temper tantrum about backing his coach and trading every player on the roster. With Ducks Coach Randy Carlyle it’s the constant search for a momentum changer, real, imagined or manufactured. Carlyle’s solution is recharge and reboot.

After more than two years of roster changes and reboots it’s obvious that slump busting isn’t in the Murray or Carlyle skill set. Worse, recognizing Murray and Carlyle are in over their respective pay grades isn’t in Henry Samueli’s or Michael Schulman’s skill set either.

Following Scot Niedermayer’s retirement, Bob Murray said he would rebuild the blue line. One might assume while the blue line was and remains a priority, management was paying particular attention to it. So how the heck do you build a blue line with only one right hander?

Again, this is the kind of development Samueli and Schulman seem willing to accept and support. I guess ownership doesn’t know right from left either.

And it gets even worse. Remember that little election the team held to select a captain? I’m told it ended in a tie and Randy Carlyle broke the tie by selecting Getzlaf over Koivu. The vote went along age lines. Over 30’s preferring Sak while the 20 somethings went with Getz.

Add it all up and you’ve got a team in serious trouble. A room divided between the vets and the less experienced. A coach nobody hears. A GM who rants. Senior management and ownership seemingly oblivious to it all.

There are only a couple-3 solutions.

1.) Blow it up and clean house. This starts with management, coaching staff and possibly trading some of the core. The closest current example to the blow it up approach is the Florida Panthers. Blowing it up usually requires the team take a step back before taking a step forward.

For us Ducks fans a step back is falling from 14th place in the Western Conference to 15th. Big whoop, huh.

If the plan is trade our way out of this two year long slump, we’re talking blockbuster. Something along the lines of a Ryan Getzlaf or Bobby Ryan plus a high pick or prospect for a Shea Weber or Duncan Keith. Not likely.

2.) Stay the course and hope against every conceivable rational, common sense consideration that Murray/Carlyle can somehow turn this around. In the meantime, trot out the “Injuries are no excuse, but…” excuse.

Remind everyone that Cam Fowler is coming back, Andy Sutton and Joffrey Lupul aren’t far behind.

3.) Try another patch trade. Hey Mr. Sam got another few million? See there’s this guy playing in Florida. A 40-50 point PP QB in his contract year who I think we can get for a 2nd round pick or a prospect like Jake Newton. His name is Bryan McCabe and nobody in our org knows him at all, has ever played with him and we have no idea if he’s a good fit but….

Sound like the Kunitz & Tangradi for Whitney deal?

Yeah that’s what I think too.

  1. czhokej says:

    House divided will fall.
    I knew there was a problem in the locker room, but I thought it was players criticizing RC, his strategy and his designed plays.
    I also knew that Getzy wanted to be captain very much, and Koivu did not care too much. That’s an interesting information about the vote. Most people including me believe that RG is still too immature, unstable and not too smart, to be the captain.

    • BackCheck says:

      On the vote. It came from one source who has consistently proven accurate. I have been unable to confirm it though. I’ve sat on it for awhile and decided to use it now because the team seems to be imploding, again.

      It’s not just Coach v. Players, the room is divided into cliques.

      This team needs a good 10-15 game run to right itself. Nuthin’ headline making. A 6-4 or a 9-6 with no nights off kind of games. Just enough to create the habit of winning and most of all trying.

  2. czhokej says:

    I have worked with a team where players formed several factions. Not good.

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