PostGame PostUp: Anaheim 5 Nashville 4

Posted: 11/07/2010 by bc in Uncategorized
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Okay, who put the stupid pills in the team meal? Ahlers, Hayward, Koivu and I’m certain Randy Carlyle will echo them and talk about turnovers. it’s true, we did turn it over often. What amazed me was how we turned it over.

How many times do you have to skate into a trap before you make the East/West or drop pass sooner? Where’s the coaching, when that happens consistently? Where’s the chatter about connecting to the outlet guy sooner?

In the past few games I’ve noticed that as the period wears on our guys having difficulty head manning the puck out of our zone. That’s the ice folks. When you can make those 15-25 foot passes early in each period but don’t later, it’s because snow has built up on the ice. The puck slows down.

As posted in pregame, our Ducks have a real tendency to play down to the competition. Tonight was so much playing down to the Predators. More like playing into them.

It’s fair to call our guys on stupid. Skating smack dab into the trap, HELLO! C’mon you have to be more awake than that out there, jeez. We can’t fault the players for the ice conditions though. When the ice gets chewed up, you do want to go to your short passing game.

On a night when there enough ‘Elmer” out there to Fudd everything up, our Ducks found a way to win. It’s great to pull it out on a set play. Mara’s goal was the 4th I’ve seen this year that came from getting weak side pressure from the D-man in the offensive territory. Lyman has two, Syvret scored and Paul Mara with a game winner.

Success on this play is going to pay dividends as scouts and opposing coaches pick it up and try to defend against it. You defend it with weak side winger staying with the check but it’s easier said than done.

This is good win for Ducks. (1) Our Ducks won when the first line had an off night, (2) Our Ducks won a game in which they obviously weren’t mentally sharp, (3) Last season and maybe earlier in this season our Ducks would have reacted very differently to a couple of those bad calls by the officials. Tonight we didn’t tilt. Our guys maintained their composure.

there’s only one thing to take from this kind of game.a game like this.

With the win our Ducks even their record at 7-7-1. Just as impressive our Ducks have beenw hittling that atrocious goal differential down to minus -7. I think our goal differential was a minus -17 or -19 at one point. Not even Ugly Betty got that ugly.

There’s only one thing to take from this kind of game. (((WHEW))). We were lucky. A healthier Predator team, remember they were missing Lombardi, Erat and Suter, and this game would have been different.

I imagine the guys will be hooking up for a meal at one of the beach city eateries. If I know hockey teams, there will be fair amount of eyes rollin’ kind of humor.

Maybe this Bobby Ryan tweet says it best:

Bobby Ryan 

@b_ryan9 Bobby Ryan
Not the prettiest way to win. But we found a way. Sullivan thanked me for giving him a breakaway in the first. Oops.

ADHN has the post game interviews up. Saku Koivu, Paul Mara, Elmer Fudd & Bobby Ryan do the yackin’.  Steve Carrol calls the play by play on the winning goal.

  1. ggreen3 says:

    How many passes did we put right on their tape last night, Yikes!! Getzy still not moving to the puck on D, doesnt finish checks, and only checks if someone is a foot away.

    Will take the 2 points we deserved it, but we need a 60 min effort Tuesday in Chokerse!

    On a note, has anyone noticed Bobby Ryan is on fire. Mixing it up making plays, if he continues to play this way he will score 40 goals. Very happy with his effort.

  2. BackCheck says:

    That’s why I keep hopin’ they’ll take Bobby away from the Twins. Loading up on one line kind of defeats the purpose of creating secondary scoring, no?

  3. wrongsideoftheatlantic says:

    Just watched this game in the UK –
    wow, four times the Ducks give up a lead – I guess scoring with a second to go meant they couldn’t give that final lead away! Maybe the team looks to defend a lead rather than go for another goal – a mindset of the coach?

    And Lubo has sure got some skills – Lubo and Lydman turning out to be a great defensive pairing, much better than expected.

    I expect to see Bonino/Palmeiri back in the minors soon. Coach didn’t seem impressed with them in this game.

  4. BackCheck says:

    Welcome to the board, wrongsideoftheAtlantic.

    Awright we have a wrongside. Now if we can find an “odd duck” we’ll have something to waive at the hockey gods and other gremlins.

    Yeah, lucky for us, Lubomir Visnovsky has always skated under the radar. I couldn’t even give him away in my fantasy league last season.

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